“Arthas was a Spoiled Child” – Ice Lich cosplay Hearthstone Jaina

Model from St. Petersburg Natasha Narga Kochetkova cosplayed Jaina from Hearthstone. As a basis for the image, the girl took an alternative image of the heroine from one of the powerful cards of the magician.



Ice Lich Jaina is a Hearthstone card from the Knights of the Frozen Throne set. If you play it, until the end of the battle, the hero will receive an alternative ability – summon a water elemental with 3/6 water characteristics. In this case, all other creatures of this type will have a “life steal”. The original art was drawn Lead Blizzard Artist Glenn Rhine.

Hearthstone previously released patch 19.2. Developers updated balance of some cards and abilities of characters.

Cosplay for Jaina from Hearthstone. Cosplayer: Narga. Photographer: Reseda Magizova. Source: vk.com/lifestream_cosplay
  • Photographer: Reseda Magizova
  • Cosplayer: Narga.