Higher and higher … towards Medivh

What is Hearthstone!?

Sheathe your sword, draw your deck, and get ready for hearthstone by blizzard – the fast-paced strategy card game that’s easy to learn and massively fun. Start a free game and play your cards to sling spells, summon creatures, and command the heroes of Warcraft in duels of epic strategy.


Second appointment with the adventure for hearthstone blizzard entitled Una Notte a Karazhan: we are in the finishing straight and we are going to find out if we will succeed in saving Medivh or if the party will go ahead without him.


Moroes continues to update us with the arrival of guests from all over Azeroth but, the third wing, the Seraglio, really begins to get nervous as the Curator, handyman robot who helps him in the castle of Karazhan, literally went short, forcing some guests to stay still for reasons of “security” and at the same time freeing rather dangerous creatures.

Hearthstone gameplay

Hearthstone championship he is the first boss of this wing and his hero power gives him the Provocation ability, so he is allowed to attack only him and not his servants: the heroic version differs only for life points, which are 40 plus 15 armor instead only 30 of the normal version.

Higher and higher ... towards Medivh

His deck is made up of beasts and robots, who are able to give each other bonuses, Murloc, and the magician’s magic of the shaman and the magician, who do direct damage. It was not a problem to overcome it in both difficulties by using a wizard’s zoo deck that aims to do quick damage and allows you to beat the Curator on time, even though it’s a quick deck.


The award cards for the first boss are the Zoobot, which for 3 mana is a 3/3 neutral robot with Battle Cry: + 1 + 1 to one of your random Beast, Dragon and Murloc, the Keeper of the Seraglio (one of the most strong of the set), a servant for the druid that for 6 mana is a 5/5 that evokes a copy of a beast of your choice among those already in your field of play.


After having fixed and repaired it play hearthstone onlinet, the Curator will point you to the second boss of the wing, the dragon Noctumor which, after being released by mistake, he must be put back into a cage: his hero power starts both players with 10 mana, using a deck consisting mainly of dragons and cards for the hunter.


In the normal version has 30 points, in that heroic adds extra armor but the combat does not change much, in fact we have overcome both difficulties on the first attempt with a deck for the priest who uses the new cards of Karazhan, the Ebony bishop and the magic resurrection.


From the victory against this dragon you receive the Templar of Noctumor , a servant of hearthstone new cards the paladin who for 3 mana is a 2/3 that evokes two Dragon Cubs 1/1 (if you already have a dragon in your hand), and the Runic Egg, neutral servant 0/2 who for 1 mana has Death Rattle: Draw a card.

Same formula and new cards in the last wings of A Night in Karazhan, the new adventure of Hearthstone


The last boss of the wing is Terestian Malazampa, also known as the boss of the Karazhan instance of World of Warcraft. He has 30 life in the normal version and 40 in heroic mode and the peculiarity of this boss is his immunity to all the damage that does not come from his Annoying Imp, which as a Death Rattle inflict damage to Malazampa and immediately return to the field.

In the normal version the demons are 1/1 and they deal 1 damage while in heroic version they are 2/2 and they deal 2 damage: the deck that the boss uses is practically a zoo of the Sorcerer with the difference that this tends to evoke a large number of Imp. Also here, we can use a single deck to overcome the clash both in normal and heroic mode and it is, in this case, the warrior: inside it there are many area and 2 Risse spells,

Higher and higher ... towards Medivh

Blizzard card hearthstone

Defeating Terestian rewards with the Purification, a spell for the priest who for 2 mana silences your servant and makes you draw a card, and the neutral servant Raptor Guardian, a 3/6 with Battle Cry: gets + 1 + 1 and Provocation if you check a secret.


Closing the second wing, instead, adds to the collection the neutral servant Mago del Serraglio who, for 5 mana, is 4/4 and randomly provides one of your Murloc, Dragons or Beasts in play with a bonus of + 2 + 2. The legendary Wing is the Curator, neutral 4/6 servant with provocation to 7 mana that,


As a battle cry, fishing a Murloc, a beast and a dragon and adds them to your hand (we have already seen used in a very strong bunch druid to beasts). Class challenges are reserved for the hunter against the Curator and the magician against Noctumor, remember that the challenges are at the normal level and therefore are very simple to overcome. You have access to Felino Trick

Blizzard hearthstone android

Hearthstone has a sense of physicality to it. The cards are thick, and you play them as you would actual cards. It makes for engaging play, and simplifies the game enormously.