An infiltrator in the Dark Brotherhood

Just over a month after the official release, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, the card game of Bethesda developed by Dire Wolf Digital, releases its first adventure, The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, which adds a new part of history and, through the clashes to be faced in the evolution of the plot, offers the player the way to get 40 new cards that can be used to build the decks.


The events take place in three distinct maps of the world of Tamriel, Wayrest, Falkreath and Bravil, revolving around your hero who is hired by Uther Nere, a man thirsting for revenge, and gives you the task of infiltrating the Dark Brotherhood to flush out the Night Mother Auditorium.

An infiltrator in the Dark Brotherhood

The narrative structure follows the formula used in the basic game: at each scene or small intermezzo in which you choose which way to follow and get to know the various characters, corresponds a clash that, in case of victory, reward us with new cards and any game titles. Each map includes two chapters, each of which is divided into missions: you can buy everything in a single package at 19.99 euros or, if you just want a map, you can have it at 7.99 euros or through the coins earned in game at the price of 1,000 pieces of gold each.


As we had already announced during the review of the basic game, by purchasing the maps for real money you will receive the Doom Wolf mount for The Elder Scrolls Online: just go to the story mode menu for The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood and click on the “Get Code for The Elder Scrolls Online” button. Contrary to the witty cut of the adventures of the chief rival Hearthstone,


The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood maintains the dramatic and heroic tones that characterized the Story mode of the basic game.Moreover, without revealing anything, to increase its longevity it contributes a structure to crossroads where you can avoid some clashes and choose instead others; however, in order to get all the cards, you will find


yourself redoing the adventure by necessarily operating a different choice. Let’s go into detail trying to understand if this new story mode is limited to being an excuse to take the cards or if the challenge against artificial intelligence offers clashes that are worth the “ticket price”.

The Fall of the Dark Brotherhood adds 40 cards and a new addition to the story mode


The Elder Scrolls: Legends – The fall of the Dark Brotherhood (it is officially the expansion for a card game with the longest title) has two degrees of difficulty, Normal and Master: to access the second you must complete at least one map at the Normal level . Just before facing a f


ight we have the possibility to choose one of our previously built decks, or we can access the editor to make one on the moment, but there are also sections of the game where you need to use a bunch proposed by artificial intelligence.

An infiltrator in the Dark Brotherhood
An infiltrator in the Dark Brotherhood

In addition, each battle has a playing field with custom rules depending on the situation and, if it is normally divided into two zones, the one on the left without rules and the one on the right where the servants take the cover skill, in this adventure, just to give some examples, you will be fighting the


Torturer who inflicts damage to the servants in any area you play them while trying to get information from the tavern, both you and your opponent will have the Broken Bottles support card that deals damage to a random enemy at the beginning of the turn.To add depth to the gameplay and increase the


difficulty of the adventure, which is already quite a challenge even at the Normal level, the development team did not just change the rules of the playing field or add support cards but, in some clashes, he added particular conditions of victory or defeat: In the Falkreath Prisons, to name one of the funniest fights, your aim is to kill a prisoner


(basically a 0/3 servant) and then defeat the actual opponent represented by Prison Guards, but in the area where there is your target it is not possible to summon creatures (therefore it will be done a deck that uses many movements between the lanes) and moreover there is space at most for two of them. As we said, the level of difficulty of the clashes is not trivial, especially for those who do not have many cards to compose the decks, however at the Normal level you can overcome most of the clashes with an aggressive deck. Well another story is the Master mode in which artificial intelligence


has much stronger decks and almost always the right cards at the right time. For some clashes you will really need a lot of evidence. The prize for overcoming the Normal mode, as mentioned, are the new cards, while for the Maestro mode there are up for grabs titles to put on display and powders, or rather crystals, to be able to build other cards.