Elder Scrolls Legends review

Elder scrolls legends release date

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  • March 9, 2017


  •  May 31, 2017


  • July 27, 2017

Millennia ago, the watchmaker god Sotha Sil built a hidden sanctuary from which to model his vision of the future. He called it “Clockwork City”, and it was there that he died, betrayed and killed by another deity. What secrets died with him? What was he creating in those bright rooms? For centuries, no one has ever entered the city. Until now. 


Elder scrolls legends review


After paying close attention to Bethesda’s debut in the market segment (lately quite crowded) dedicated to digital card games.

We had left the cold lands of elder scrolls online gold pc behind us last July.

A few months of relative calm followed, for The Elder Scrolls Legends Online . Only apparent, though.


As Pete Hines himself had anticipatedduring the chat exchanged after the official release of Legends, the development team never failed to support the title.

Saying Wolf Digital has continued to improve its creature, keeping the community active with limited-time events and exclusive rewards, with an eye on the export with events organized in game by the developer himself.


Moreover, for some time now, the title has been rewarding the continuity of players with daily rewards including tickets to the Arena, Gold, Soul Fragments, envelopes and cards.

Simply log in every day. The community, of course, thanks and continues to give its support to one of the most interesting card games of this rich 2017.


Now, to end the year with a flourish, the development team offers us a new adventure entirely dedicated to the single player that continues on the track previously traced with the Fall of the Dark Brotherhood .


In this case, however, we will no longer have to deal with one of Tamriel’s most fascinating guilds, but with even more obscure secrets

buried in the bowels of the earth for thousands of years waiting for some brave unfortunate to awaken them and, with them , the power of the god Sotha Sil .

treasures and mechanical

The Dark Brotherhood is now a distant memory.

The Forgotten Hero has another goal: Clockwork City , the mechanical city forged in cold steel and arcane energy by the god Sotha Sil.

Vanished deity who aeons ago, along with Almalexia and Vivec , represented the Trinity that ruled the entire fate of the elder scrolls morrowindand of the Dunmer people.


First thing’s first: The Elder Scrolls 6 isn’t yet in development.

Bethesda marketing boss Pete Hines said at E3 2017 that the developer has.

At least two major titles that they are working on before we’re gonna get to the elder scrolls vi”.


Had one obsession: to reforish the world to improve it and bring it to perfection, obviously according to one’s taste.


For this, starting from the constructs of the Dwemer (ancient and mysterious artisan people with immense technological knowledge).

The god forged its fortress of solitude in anticipation of a future that – unfortunately for he – it never came true.

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Holed up in the puffing and cold metal guts of his home surrounded by golems and mechanized constructs enslaved to his will.

The divinity was betrayed and found death by dropping the fortress-city into a sort of eternal stasis, outside of time and space.

In this place, obedient immortal constructs can not do anything else but continue to execute the orders of their Builder.

Fefending Clockwork City from all the adventurers.

Greedy or simply too stupid, are attracted by the mysterious treasures that the city hides in its bowels.

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Powerful arcane artifacts belonging to a god can actually appeal to many.

Even our Forgotten Hero, in spite of himself.

Has been dragged into the maze of mechanical fortress and will have to deal with not only cultists.

Brigands (and, obviously, sentient metal aberrations), but also with an obscure threat as old as the world itself.