Agents of Mayhem

These are two of the most important conclusions that I have been able to extract after having been immersed for many hours in this new sandbox madness that, surely, will cause a sensation among the followers of this type of proposal. An adventure hilarious and that despite not being perfect knows how to entertain us for a long time.


Everything that happens throughout the game takes place in a futuristic (even more so) version of Seoul , the capital of South Korea. A city that has been represented in a remarkable way and that extends along many square kilometers, being able to explo

re freely and as the rules of the genre send every nook and cranny of its streets and its great buildings and skyscrapers, given that the gameplay of Agents of Mayhem invites us to explore the stage both at ground level and from the heights.


But what is our most important goal? Finish with the Doctor Babylon and the organization LEGION , which has taken this city with plans not too flattering for the whole planet, as they plan to take over it. But to stop their intentions there are the main protagonists of this story, MAYHEM agents , a dozen of them that appear gradually as the story un


folds and we surpass their corresponding private missions, characters that enjoy special abilities … that we can also go expanding and enhancing as we progress as I will explain later. A plot that extends for at least 15 hours (many more if we dedicate ourselves to explore and overcome the innumerablemissions and secondary tasks ) that bring us a lot of fun to little that we like this type of sandbox adventures.



Fun, humor and lots of action

As a good sandbox, in Agents of Mayhem we can explore with complete freedom the different zones that make up the city of Seoul … although to advance in history it is necessary to go overcoming different main missionsthat are entrusting us. And th

ere are more than fifty of these primary objectives, so you can get an idea of ​​the “scale” that this adventure presents. In addition, in most cases it is possible to choose which one we want to perform at each moment, since many of them are clearly active in the mapping and we can fulfill them whenever we wish.


Agents of Mayhem analysis

It is possible to drive numerous vehicles of different characteristics and customize their appearance.

In general the development of each of these commissions has seemed quite varied and entertaining, although as often happens in these w


orks, some are more fun and exciting than others. The most striking are the objectives that allow us to unlock the different agents, missions that are also preceded by fun animation sequences. But beyond these main missions it is also possible to carry out an infinite number of taskshow to take control of bases (Far Cry


style), destroy concrete cars, participate in races around the city aboard several different cars, collect some special crystals (exactly 350 of them) that are scattered around the city … By proxy, We even have the possibility to repeat missions already completed and even overcome virtual confrontation tests that provide us additional rewards. There is much to be done in this adventure, I assure you.


Agents of Mayhem PC

The gameplay is made up of different elements, although the fundamental one is action. The shootings and the confrontations are continuous, being necessary to fight against the forces of the Doctor Babylon using all the arms at our reach, in


cluding those manufactured by our ally Gremlin, which are so funny and unique as forceful. These sequences of action are quite rewarding and are well resolved, but do not bring anything new to what we have experienced in many previous titles.


The verticality of the city greatly benefits the gameplay

However, to this playable base other factors and ingredients more typical of their genre are added such as the interaction with different secondary characters, the fact of being able to fly a good bunch of vehicles to travel the city at full speed, mu

ch exploration (there is a great number of loots to discover), terminal hacking … Diversity is not going to stay, I assure you.


Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem PC

The size of Seoul is tremendous and discovering all that it offers is one of the most striking challenges that this sandbox provides us.

This game mechanic that I just commented differs somewhat from that enjoyed in most of the games of its style by a very specific feature. And it is that instead of moving forward with a solo character, in Agents of Mayhem we must form a team com


posed of three members . At first it is only possible to play with Hollywood, Fortune and Hardtack, but as we move forward and meet new characters (such as Oni, my favorite, as well as the stylish Joule, rapper Kingpin, etc.) the payroll grows to reach the dozen. And as I said before each of these additional characters has its own special phase that unlocks them, which is a very suggestive incentive in itself.


All these types have their own characteristics and main attributes as well as several intrinsic aptitudes, offering a wide select


ion that we have at our disposal. There are those who dominate the ice in Sub-Zero plan as Yeti , others are much more agile and fast as Fortune , lethal in long distances as Rama … His thing is to choose our team according to the mission of which it is necessary to take charge, which gives this adventure a depth that few games of his style en


joy. In addition, the personalization of all of them is tremendous, given that in addition to being able to get new costumes and appearances for all of them, it is also possible to go equipping them with new devices, perksand passive skills as we gain experience, overcome levels and invest money in the development of new weapons.


Agents of Mayhem

Once we are in full action and except in the special stages dedicated to each protagonist in which we advance alone, we can change from one agent to another at any time using the digital crosshead, which allows us to adapt our style of play in an


y moment to overcome the situation that the title poses at each moment. And there are many! Hack terminals, finish with final bosses, reach as soon as possible a specific place on the map piloting a luxury sports car, enter an underground lair of LEGION, face duels against rivals that do not stop coming to us … A varied gameplay that we can adapt easily changing the protagonist when we consider it appropriate, something that I personally liked a lot.


Agents of Mayhem PC

The chests are distributed throughout the city and give us money, devices, information and resources for the agency.

In fact, and precisely because of this characteristic, it has struck me somewhat that the adventure does not include a cooperative m


ode of any kind. I think that this modality would have adapted perfectly to the development proposed by this sandbox, but unfortunately its managers should not have seen it as clearly and have not incorporated this option.


What Volition Games has tried by all its means is to provide its production with the greatest possible depth and possibilities, and


that is why we are facing an adventure that enjoys a tremendous amount of content. To start, whenever we want it, it is possible to take a tour of our headquarters, ARK , where it is possible to carry out a good amount of tasks and to perfect our characters.