Agents of Mayhem: Beginners Guide and Tips

From the creators of the Saints Row series comes a new open world game called Agents of Mayhem. The game has a lot of similarities to the Saints Row games, and is just as much fun. This guide will help get the most out of the game, allowing players to enjoy the game to its full potential.

There are several different missions and activities that players can take advantage of. We have already published guides on how to earn money and level up quickly, and easily. Beginners Guide and Tips For Agents of Mayhem:

The play-style of players changes as they progress through the game. As the game gets tougher, players get more cautious. While playing Agents of Mayhem, players will often forget a lot of aspects of the game, during all the chaos and action-packed gameplay. This guide will help you by providing a few tips and things to remember while playing the game.

Don’t Go In Guns Blazing: At the early stages of the game, the difficulty level of the game is very easy.

This allows players to get aggressive and rush into battle, without having to think about the consequences. That will change in the later stages of the game, as players will face tougher opponents that will make quick work of them if they are not careful. Playing without thinking will get you killed. Get used to taking cover and always standing behind a wall or pillar, to prevent you from taking heavy fire. This is a basic rule of any video game, but some players might forget it in the heat of battle. Change Your Lineup: At the beginning of the game, players will start off with three default agents.

These agents are great, and each has their own pros and cons, but later into the game, new agents will join you team. It is very important to step out of your comfort zone of the three starting agents, and try something new. Each agent in Agents of Mayhem is unique, making some agents better in some situations than others. So don’t be afraid to change your lineup, as you may find a better agent that suits your play style. Try every single agent, and you might find the one that perfectly suits your play-style.

Choose A Well Balanced Team: If you choose the switch out agents from your team and replace them with new ones, make sure you end up with a well balanced team. As we mentioned before, every agents in the game has its pros and cons. With that in mind, make sure you have a team that can be effective in every situation. Some agents of your team might be good at one aspect of the game, but when that agent is faced with a situation that he/she can’t handle, make sure you have an agent that can help you.

Some agents excel at one aspect of the game, while some are a poor choice for a specific situation. So you will have to balance your team, so that they can quickly resolve the situation. Always Use Your Scanner: While moving around Seoul, players often forget to use a very important piece of equipment, The Scanner. The scanner sends out a pulse that identifies any nearby enemies, missions,  loot boxes, and more.

You can upgrade the scanner to detect nearby upgrade core shards as well, which will help you upgrade your agents’ abilities and skills. So always use a scanner to get a better understanding of the things around you. Complete Every Side Mission: Side missions are often something that many players ignore.

In Agents of Mayhem, players get to choose between a ton of different side missions that they can complete for money, experience and more. It is very important to complete these missions, as they will allow you to always have cash to spend, while leveling up your agents at the same time. You can also get items as a reward, which can come in very handy. Always Use Your Upgrade Cores: Upgrade Cores are an extremely important item in Agents of Mayhem. You can make upgrade cores by collecting upgrade core shards.

Each agent in the game has three slots which you can place these upgrade cores into. This will allow your agent’s abilities to have an extra bonus for one of their abilities.

Players will often hold onto these upgrade cores, instead of using them. These upgrade cores might be a rare resource at the early stages of the game, but you will have an abundance of the item at the later stages of the game. So always use your upgrade cores, rather than holding onto them. Hopefully this guide helped you play Agents of Mayhem to its full potential. The game is now available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.