It shows in its wonderful staging, in the quality of its soundtrack, in the attractiveness of its narrative … and of course, in that it is a video game with great personality; an adventure that knows how to surprise you again and again with a story that grows and expands to the rhythm of your decisions .


They are everything in Pyre. And it is perhaps what I appreciate most about this RPG that transports us to a beautiful fantasy world where groups of exiles struggle without quarter for earning the right to return home. It will not be easy. Freedom is not conquered by war, struggling, althoug


h it seems that you are in an intense and cruel. In the world of Downside , a purgatory where the law of the strongest reigns, we must participate in a kind of sports competition , the so-called Rites, to reach glory and recover the past life.


Basically this is the only playable challenge with which you will find yourself in Pyre, and scary !, because if you do not convince … well, you will not enjoy this adventure. And the truth is that this fear did not leave me in the initial compasses; Yes, it is a game


that captures for its beautiful artistic section and whose history is followed with interest, but at the same time feels somewhat limited. This impression, fortunately, is disappearing with the passing of the hours. The peculiar duels 3 vs 3 that we face are increasingly hard, more complex, in the sense that the battlefield


s vary, grow with new obstacles and conditioning, at the same time that the rivals also show their best weapons. This is, in essence, a role adventure, and as such, it is very important to headtriunvirato that will represent us during the contes


t. There are agile and swift characters, others slow but tremendously powerful, those that can fly, or jump from here to there with extreme precision; In short, they have special abilities that should be taken into account. And that is the grace.



Enter a bit

Each game, depending on the opponent and the team you have selected, changes the perception of the game a lot. There are hard confrontations, of much contact, of attacks without quarter, and others in which the agility determines everything; where ju

mping, running and sliding down the track at full speed is essential in achieving success. Your options? Pyre is really a simple and straightforward game. At your disposal there are three players, but you can only control one of them directly. Your classmates? They will wait without doing anything until you decide to take control, whi
ch tactically, has theirs, because well positioned can protect that great flaming pillar that gives name to the game. Your goal? Catch the orb in
dispute and attack with it the garrison of the opposing team. Easy to say, something more difficult to achieve, because each character has a specific attack and certain skills that complicate the task at times of maximum tension.


Pyre analysis

The Rites are a competition and, as such, there are different teams with their particularities. Who hates you more? What triumvirate has caused you more problems?

Who carries the orb has no option to attack, only dodge, while the other players hit and rammed using the magic aura that surrounds you


r body; a lethal energy for those who carry the ball in their hands, because the minimum contact means death. You can already get an idea of ​​how difficult it can be sometimes to assault the enemy pillar, when it is surrounded by rivals whose au


ras cover much of the stage. There comes into play the strategy , the combat tactics, and it is in those moments when PYRE it shines with its ow


n light. It’s not an especially difficult game, and I think the enemies could do more during games, but when it shows its strengths, when it makes things difficult, this is a deliciously fun RPG.