In a totalitarian society of the Commonwealth expelled for any misconduct. He caught the conspiracy, broke the chain of command, or just to show someone a blissful fool – now you are a fugitive and you will live in the lower reaches (Downside) until the end of days.

Worst of all, of course, be able to read. Books burn in the Commonwealth, literate and caught just referred.

You – one of the few in the area who can read. It’s your superpower. You are called Reader. Only you can read the Book of Rites (The Book of Rites) and lead to a detachment of the rogue Freedom, which you inadvertently found.

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To get a chance at redemption, rogue participate in sacred rituals (Rites). By themselves, the rituals look like a sports game.

Each team of three derelict ceremonial robes. In the center – an area that you want to convey to the opponents and fire ritually burn themselves. Not death, of course – the one who scored a goal soon returns.

Before you pick a team ritual. Every rogue style. Someone Sprint, someone pushes a jump all around, someone flies. Every rogue has an aura. Who has it better, who is quite small. When you pick up the scope of the aura disappears. If the enemy comes to you with its aura, the hero disappears from the field for a long time.

The result was a sports game for those who can not tolerate the sport. This is one of the occasions when he begs network multiplayer (there is a local, but it’s not at all that) – a combination of turn out very interesting.

Grasp the scope, to give the ball back, and a long jerk jump through the cordon. The enemy is trying to do the same in return, the scope of their catches harpy, shoots up, but you’re at the last second knock sphere jump … And already there is as lucky.

Multiplayer want, because the AI ​​plays very poorly even at the highest difficulty level.

He has a chance, when he occasionally includes superhuman reaction mode or a direct violation of the rules – for example, allows itself to manage all the characters at once (you are guided only by one).

But even then the enemy can jam, and he starts welling circles around unprotected fire.

And here I am moving forward. Rituals win one after another, sending his teammates loose. Lay-to-tnya .

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But at some point – the lightning. I wonder: Do I really want freedom? Is one of my teammates deserves freedom more than your opponent?

Maybe we should give in and skip forward Dalberta old dog who worried about us – their opponents! – stronger than yourself?

From that moment I cracked. This is the most interesting in the Pyre – it pulls in a state of flux, shows itself a competitive game, and then calls into question: can, then I do not need to win?

Pyre is revealed when you forget about the possibility of starting again from the last checkpoint, and just give it to carry you along.

When there is a chance to kill – not to overwork, but simply lose and accept the consequences. At each defeat Pyre finds a way to get out and continue as if nothing had happened.

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In games I’m used to achieve something, to optimize all processes as far as possible – and then suddenly Pyre appeals to feelings and conscience. So easily, unobtrusively, so that someone has these feelings may or may not occur.

The decision-making Pyre not attract attention as the games from Telltale or the same “The Witcher”. Everyone just goes on, rhythmically and naturally, as if the only way it should be.

It’s a shame that with all the variety of events ending is still one.

It turns out that you are on their own and do not affect anything – only the fate of an outcast. At the end you will be told how difficult the life of someone you met after your actions, just like in Fallout.