Gates of Pyre showed the beginning of the coming – Igromania

Studio SunSpear Games March 15 launched Kickstarter-campaign your upcoming game Immortal: Gates of Pyrecombining the MOBA genre and real-time strategy. And the attempt was successful: in the first day, the goal of 31.3 thousand dollars was achieved by 200%.

The project has already been supported by over a thousand contributors. Meanwhile, the developers have released the first part of the large-scale cinematic trailer Immortal: Gates of Pyre. It shows the beginning of the coming: the opening of the oldest gate on the planet Shael. Since the paths between the worlds are reopened, it is worth waiting for the outbreak of war.

Immortal: Gates of Pyre is a free strategy game in which three worlds fight for control of powerful ancient relics. Players will play the role of Immortals, possessing destructive energy. They will have to build a base, gather an army and lead it into battle in single player, cooperative and competitive modes.

The Immortal: Gates of Pyre campaign objective is now 272% complete, with a number of additional objectives already unlocked. There are still 31 days left until the final. And open testing of the game is planned to begin in 2023.

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