Patrol Officers will go into early access Steam in the spring – Igromania

Munich studio Aesir Interactive and publishing astragon Entertainment Announced Early Access in Spring Steam role-playing patrol simulator Police Simulator: Patrol Officers… Players will be able to try out the role of a police officer in the fictional American city of Brighton.

Players will have to start their service in the Brighton Police Force from scratch: issue parking tickets and stop minor offenses. Gradually, we will advance in the service and the tasks will become more difficult. Although, those who wish can choose a casual mode in order to calmly walk around an almost peaceful city.

For the open world, Police Simulator: Patrol Officers are preparing a dynamic traffic system that organically creates traffic jams and road accidents. And during the interrogation of witnesses, attentiveness will help to catch important clues.

In Early Access, an exclusively single player campaign will be available in the first district of the city and its surroundings. For the release, the developers are preparing a multiplayer mode, but it is not yet known what it consists of.

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