“Roadside Picnic” about the love of two girls: There is a new trailer for the anime Otherside Picnic

Anime series Otherside picnic, also known as Urasekai picnic, received a new trailer, in which you can hear the opening song of the show “Minikui Ikimono“performed by the group HoneyWorks together with CHiCO… The premiere of the series will take place already 4 January

The video can be viewed below:

At the heart of the plot Otherside picnic lies the story of the girl Soravo Kamikosicaught in another reality called “the other side“. There the heroine meets a creepy monster, but at the last moment Kamikoshi is saved by a mysterious Toriko Nishina, for which the otherworldly is a familiar thing. Later, a friendship is struck between the girls, gradually developing into something more.

The original source Otherside picnic the eponymous series of light novels by authorship Iori Miyazawainspired by the iconic work “Roadside Picnicbrothers Strugatsky

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