Witchfire developers unveil new atmospheric screenshots and clarify the impact of Destiny

Polish developers from the team The astronauts posted fresh screenshots of the shooter Witchfire. New images show the current build of the game in the process of testing different lighting settings for locations with a lake and a village.

The studio also shared some other materials showing part of the work done in January. The authors continue to redo the weapons, adding more elements of gas-tube fantasy, animated a new enemy called Heavy and created many assets, such as animal skulls, iron bowls for eternal flame, brick buildings, enemy clubs, and so on.

Animation of an enemy strike from behind.

In addition to that, The Astronauts commented on Witchfire’s comparisons with Bungie’s Destiny:

“Some people think Destiny is good. Others think it sucks. But no one or almost anyone complains about the gameplay. Bungie didn’t invent it, but pumped it. This game is certainly our inspiration when it comes to the simple process of shooting from weapons or movement with him.

However, and I already see this in our internal builds, the further we delve into the development, the more the game moves away from Destiny. When the project is completed, no confusion will arise. “

The platforms and release date are still unknown.

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