The market of online gaming is constantly evolving.

No, there is, of course, and things like World of Warcraft, which became a cult classic, and is an entire universes that do not get bored.

And after 10 years, but in their general mass, the  mmo games developed, and to do it consistently.

As with any development, it is due to the desire to take a place in the sun.

Organisms evolve to be stronger than the other, and as a result, to multiply more than others.

Network projects want to be more popular than others, and as a result, earn more than others.

But in the pursuit of money and do not sleep day and night thousands of game developers around the world.

Trying to make a game that would become a phenomenon and a real eye-opener for the world of gamers.

So let’s help them a bit, and think over what should be the ideal for us IMO.

Without violent micropayments.

For a start it would be nice if she does not induce the players to spend money. That would be excellent.

It can be a shareware product, but do not press, so-called, or given. The examples are not far to seek. For example, Dota 2 is free and is indifferent to micropayments.

But at the same time it is so popular that millions of people are doing it voluntarily purchase, buying a variety of cosmetic gizmos.

The game is absolutely free, and it does not add any discomfort in passing or in PvP-mode if you do not pay.

 graphics and  requirements.

Then, of course, we need a perfect balance between graphics and system requirements. When we start talking about  mmo games online, we have in mind, of course, personal computers.

PC, unlike consoles, have different characteristics, and the owner of a PC can play the games that the owner of the other, and never dreamed of, because of his old age, the computer technology.

And here in all growth raises the question: to make beautiful MMO, or productive?

A striking example – Black Desert , which at the start of the launch of many mercilessly brakes, and a certain part of the potential audience dropped out.

But, but, now, after a time, this game is considered the most beautiful best mmorpg, although competitors are not asleep,


Also it does not prevent to think about style. For example, many can not stand Asian MMO and the other is only and serve.

Some like  rpg mmo, and the other, something no role nuances. Some people do like network strategy, and someone such as social The Sims.

How does all this combine? There is an opinion that it is necessary to look at the not yet released shooter Star Citizen .

The game was conceived as a space fighter simulator control over time has acquired regime first-person shooter in which the player, fly on space can take on board the ship, any pirate ship, and a game there is already a full-fledged FPS.

And then, when he gets to his home base, will come into force mode, similar to the socio-economic strategy.

Something similar can be done in the future MMOs. Single universe, a single plot,

Let’s say, the game of war kingdoms of the elves and orcs.

And to plunder estates enemies neighbors (and Korowai) shooter from the first or the third party in the style of the usual best mmorpg.

IMO atmosphere

Well, and, finally, it’s time to think about the atmosphere. For example, it is no secret that our, domestic gamers more fun to play in, something our own, dear, not the Chinese dragons.

But it so happened that the domestic MMO from Russia and former Soviet Union countries is very small.

And those who remain on the other fingers are usually chronic subquality, or just made for 3 pennies projects.

For example, on a background of infinite games about elves with wings and bronelifchikah, stalker theme in Russia and the surrounding area, which is growing in popularity.

Unfortunately, fit the IMO on this issue no. Another example: in the background of our people is a huge achievement – victory in World War II.

However, the games on this topic, in addition, making Wargaming and Gaijin Entertainment, either.

Especially the West, to educate young people in the appropriate format: “Space is an American or deserted.”

This unfortunate tendency, which would be nice to compete. Not even so. When someone says “fight”, then, it is understood that it is necessary to ask for help from the state.

In Russia, the lives of 150 million people, more in the Ukraine and Belarus in the amount of under 50 million. Total 200. Gamers among them should be at least 10%.

Consequently, the potential audience of 20 million, and not simple, and solvency, for which the concept of “pay for play” does not seem to be something wild.

As a result, the same 20 million players – it’s more than that Overwatch, so why not? After all there are in China or South Korea, their own personal best mmorpgs, which are unknown to the rest of the world.

They are not going to stretch the entire globe, For developers enough of its audience in the country.

Of course, milliard China – is not Russia, but at the same World of Tanksor stalker with great pleasure to play in America.

The main thing that game was good, and with this we have as yet there are big problems.