The second season of “Mandalorets” starts in the fall – review

The first season of the science fiction series “Mandaloretz“Came to an end. But fans can be calm: work on the sequel began even before the premiere of the first season.

And when exactly the audience will be able to meet their favorite characters again, John Favreau, the show’s runner of the series, has already reported. On his twitter, he announced that the premiere of the second season will take place in the fall of 2023.

He accompanied the ad with a photograph of a Gamorrean, a pig-like humanoid from the planet Gamorr. These creatures are well known in the universe. “Star wars”, In a distant galaxy they enjoy a reputation as brainless thugs.

Only some of them manage to become traders or hunters, while others are content with the role of bodyguards and mercenaries. In particular, they can be seen in the retinue of Jabba the Hutt.