The killer turned out to be naked: The first video card from Intel is not able to compete with AMD and Nvidia

Within the framework of the exhibition Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023) company Intel officially unveiled its first video card, which has been rumored for the past few years. However, reality did not coincide with expectations.

The new graphics card is called Intel DG1, it was based on the GPU Intel Xe. Also presented was a map option designed for software developers. There were not so many details, because the company did not disclose the exact characteristics of the devices. It is only known that the card will consume about 75 watts and will not require serious cooling systems.

Instead of specs, a game demo was introduced Destiny 2running on a system with DG1 installed. Yes, shooter from Bungie worked, but the settings did not open. Portal opened the veil of secrecy

According to preliminary data from people who personally saw the demo, Intel DG1 Destiny 2 displays about 30-40 frames per second, resolution – 1080p, presets – medium / minimum. You need to understand that the creators of the PC port of the shooter tried very hard to optimize, so these results are disappointing.

Reporters stressed that DG1 is located between AMD Radeon RX 560 and Nvidia GeForce MX250. A demo version was also presented at the exhibition. Warframewhich went to 1080p but failed to provide stable performance.

Intel does not yet say what kind of audience the video card is designed for, but it is unlikely that it will be interesting to gamers. It should be understood that the company is building an ecosystem of DG1 and processors based on Ice lake, which can be an effective solution for laptops.

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