The famous blogger was exposed in the use of Photoshop

The popular 23-year-old blogger was accused of fake beauty and exposed, proving the use of photo editors on most of her photos on social networks.

The famous blogger Eleonora Lele Pons Maronese (Eleonora “Lele” Pons Maronese) was at the center of the scandal, according to The authors of the Youtube channel Nerd City conducted a detailed analysis of her work and released a 50-minute video. In it, Lele Pons was criticized for calling her audience to accept themselves and adhere to the ideas of body positive, but she acts differently. In her Instagram photos, the authors noticed a lot of adjustments. They did not criticize the use of filters and other small edits, but indicated only a change in the forms of the blogger.

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Posted by Lele Pons (@lelepons) Sep 14, 2019 at 11:49 am PDT

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Posted by Lele Pons (@lelepons) on Aug 23, 2019 at 11:56 am PDT

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Posted by Lele Pons (@lelepons) on Aug 7, 2019 at 11:54 am PDT

It turned out that Lele Pons often poses in open dresses in photographs, but at the same time tries to change her appearance, reports. She changes her waist and adjusts other shapes. However, as a result of such edits, some other elements of the photograph are distorted. In one picture, the boards on which Pons sits curved, in others – poles, doors and other direct objects. So bloggers have proven that Lele Pons is deliberately trying to make herself more slim and effective. Social network users supported the authors of the video. They believe that bloggers with such a strong influence on the audience (influencers) do not have the right to do so.

Lele Pence became famous in the Vine service. A year before its closure, the girl was the most viewed author. After that, Pence switched to Instagram and Youtube. In these services, she already has 38 and 15 million subscribers, respectively.