Tahira: Echoes of the Astral

Princess saves herself

similarities, of course, a lot. Starting with the development of history. Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empirealso makes a small studio, consisting of three people (they, however, did not have experience of working on Star Wars: of The Old Republic ) and released on Kickstarter.

The authors have collected “only” 68 thousand dollars. And also bet on a stylish hand-drawn picture and soulful music that was released as a separate publication. Sometimes even think that their game is made on the same engine as the creation of Stoic .

Obvious and story parallels. In The Banner Saga we had who lost his home clan on global map, trying to escape the approaching Ragnarok and its precursors. ATTahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire last princess of the destroyed eastern kingdom leads on the global map of its remaining soldiers and comrades to escape the all-destroying attack certain Astral Empire. And they are also looking for a new home. Thus in terms of enemies quite guess the Roman Empire, and the birthplace of Princess is associated with Persia, even though the action Tahira happening on some other planet, where there is not only the sword, but also magic.

Similarly, in the process of moving on the map Princess can meet people who need help, such as a little drunk trader. If we agree to fix his wagon, then later discover that you have lost time and did not have time to save civilians in a nearby village. In between chores Princess Ratna communicate with their colleagues, whose number is gradually increasing, and learns about their past.

And why should they blacksmith?

Finally, and very similar to the combat system. She, of course, step by step and also makes a big bet on the location of the competent fighters and competent as their movement. If you attack the allies environment bypassed enemy from the flanks, you’ll get a bonus for the attack. If we try to pass close to the enemy, then he will automatically attack you. Location “units” in line fraught – there are attacks that cause damage just in a straight line.

Tahira: Echoes of the Astral Empire game review

This is not the most epic fight!

Recognizable and classes. In your submission is, conventionally, the classic warrior-guardsmen, not fast, but stable. There are, on the contrary, fast, but scrawny talons that can move away to attack multiple times per turn and carry out a series of brutal attacks dagger. The claws are somewhat similar to a ninja, but the local blacksmiths in its combat characteristics similar to the dwarves – strong, able to knock down with the legs and arms to hit the ground, inflicting damage to multiple enemies. The only difference is that, as dwarves here are the inflated woman with a scythe and a charming smile.

The role of the magician, able to work wonders not only in combat but also in the story scenes, got itself princess – she occasionally sees strange dreams, communicating with the dead father and learning new magic tricks. But the giants and horned Varley in Tahiranot delivered.

Some elements of the combat mechanics and does almost direct quotes from of The Banner Saga . The use of special skills (and among them there are those that repel the enemy on the cell back) are spent on special glasses – Willpower, are recovered for each kill an enemy. The difference is that Tahira no common piggy bank of such energy: Willpower plus to get just killed.

Finally, as in The Banner Saga, Each fighter has two key parameters – the armor and health. And if at first to grind off the armor, then it has a chance to be a critical blow to kill the opponent. However, you can not choose to hit for the protection of health or, – standard attacks usually cause little damage to the armor, so you have to spend Willpower to special techniques.