Halo Wars 2

We have three times told about the plot in the preview, but for those who missed the repeat. Action Halo Wars 2 starts 28 years after the end of the original. The crew of the ship “Spirit of Fire” all this time remained in a protracted cryogenic sleep, who suddenly interrupts artificial intelligence vessel, intercepted signal UNSC forces. Captain Dzheyms Katter, together with his team understands that, while they slept, the situation has changed greatly in the universe. Soon the crew of the “Spirit of Fire” pinpoint certain “Settings” – Cutter tells her to explore.

Of course, then everything goes downhill: Spartans squad finds an abandoned base of artificial intelligence, which interrupts the dialogue with Atrioks, Exile leader, Brutus group of mercenaries, splinter overriding Covenant.

Atrioksa life imbued with pain and suffering. His fellow Covenant sent to war as cannon fodder.What to take with them – barbarians. Living such a suicide mission back only the Atrioks – wounded and covered in blood brothers. As a reward, he received only the new assignment. But his patience snapped, he went against their masters; his courage inspired and led the other Brutus, and in the covenant originated internal feud. History Atrioksa an amicable pathetic, full of drama and hatred – the leader of the Exiles became a real gem of a whole little creative script Halo Wars 2.

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In the center – the collision of two strong leaders: Captain James Cutter and Atrioksa. Served conflict in beautiful CGI-rollers, which look as if each vbuhali millions of dollars. Quality facial animation shakes, staging and direction can be compared to Hollywood blockbusters, and when the screen unfold large-scale battles with a heap of special effects and explosions, it is difficult to get rid of the desire to see it on the big screen in a movie theater, so as not to miss a single detail.

It should be noted that the local story is fully revealed only to those who are familiar with the Halo universe.

The developers have promised a motive in the spirit of “novice player with Cutter in the same position – both do not understand what is happening in this universe and dealt with on the go.” In some places, it is true, but there is a lot of white spots. What is the Ark that all of the Covenant, why artificial intelligence has a shelf life after which he naturally blows the roof – to explain things in detail you will not.

However, it is unlikely to interfere to enjoy Halo Wars 2, because Creative Assembly made familiar and understandable to all RTS, which is based on the principles that originated back in  Dune II of: of The Building of a Dynasty .

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If you’ve ever played any of the classic RTS, then you know very well what Halo Wars 2: construction and bases, mining resources management, improvement of units, command tens and hundreds of fighters – all here, all in the classics.

Balance is also built on the traditional pattern: air engineering prevails over the ground, the ground is effective against infantry, well, infantry, in turn, is highly resistant to aviation.

Nothing new, but it works almost perfectly. Britons from Creative Assembly have made of Halo Wars 2 game for the widest possible audience, and not just for hardcore RTS fans. Although its complexity also have – in many units in stock hoarded unique skills, good use can turn the tide of battle.

Mission here do not last more than an hour, and compact cards make it easy to control multiple databases. The number of slots to build buildings and defensive turrets around the main base is limited – this allows you to limit waste less time on management, but at the same time keeps the desired depth.

It is better to build and where to build a base? Increase production of resources, or to make more plants for the production of equipment? You decide.