Stories The Path of Destinies

This is a feat that video game fans are accustomed to dealing with almost automatically but what remains behind all that death and destruction? Or put another way. Were there alternatives to pure and harsh violence? The normal thing is that in an adventure game you do n


ot ask yourself these questions. You advance, fight and end with the reign of terror of the villain of the day without questioning your actions, that you are the hero for something. But Stories: Path of Destinies is different. Here your decisions matter, however simple they may seem, since there are always consequences.


Talking about all of them would ruin the experience, because there is nothing like facing this intense adventure of action knowing as little as possible of it. And with reason. We speak of a video game capable of surprising again and again with outcomes t


o each one more shocking and unexpected. Without exaggerating. The first time we discovered where all our choices were taking us, we were stunned without believing that a videogame with such a colorful and carefree aesthetic could be, so to speak, so evil.


To choose. Nobody said it was easy. Less when the fate of the world falls on your shoulders, but the “hero by force” Reynardo


has no other. The despotic monarch who has ended the lives of countless innocents is close to exterminating the few rebels who have risen up against him. We can not afford it but … how to deal with such a threat? There, friends, the elections begin.



Oops! Is this my fault?

With a style reminiscent of the classic books “Write your own adventure”, nothing is left to chance in Stories: Path of Destinies. Each choice im

plies consequences, and with them come new decisions to make; new paths to explore in the direction of a frankly uncertain future. That you never know what awaits you! You may think that you have done the right thing and suddenl
y discover that you were totally wrong; that your actions are on the way to a tragic end. And there’s no going back! You crackle up with your decisions however dramatic they turn out to be. Although there is a trick.


Stories The Path of Destinies analysis

Do not be fooled by the color and beauty of its graphics; Stories: Path of Destinies is a videogame with a dark plot background.

To arrive at the end of the adventure is only the beginning of a much greater trip, because Reynardo owns a book capable of rewriting history ; to take him back to the beginning of everything by keeping his memories intact. Did he spit it on his first try? Yo


u will have the option to redeem yourself … or to fail miserably in a different way. And so again and again, always learning something new, always discovering new ways of coping with the evil monarch. And it is, as it sounds, a great idea.


Stories The Path of Destinies PC

The story we are told is surprisingly good in content and form

The story we are told is surprisingly good in content and form, because it really makes you feel protagonist of a fantasy story, unoriginal in its p

remise, which is still the eternal struggle between good and evil, but tremendously effective when it comes to making you share in your action. And here it is inevitable to speak of that omniscient narratorresponsibl
e for reporting your exploits (in English but with texts translated into Spanish). It is a success. He always has something interesting to talk about and is never annoying, even when he jokes about certain actions of the hero. In addition, here comes the good,
never forget the adventures of Reynardo, therefore, will allude to them reminding us how harmful it may be to follow a particular path, or encouraging us to do otherwise. And we insist, it’s fantastic.


Stories The Path of Destinies

Each decision has consequences and not all are good. Learning from the mistakes of the past will be essential to achieve a happy ending.

So much so that we still have not talked a bit about the action of Stories: Path of Destinies. Do not worry, that also here this adventure borders on a remarkable level. Especially thanks to the intensity and dynamism of their combats ,


which in a way reminiscent of those seen in the Batman: Arkham series, although they do not reach their level of complexity. And it’s a shame. The frenzy with which the fights are developed and the various special actions that we can und


ertake gave for something more than a simple machacabotones in which, yes, we must take into account movements such as counterattack or elusive


to survive, but not as much as we would have liked. Blame for it is the scarce variety of enemies we will face, not very active at the time of hitting us.


Stories The Path of Destinies PC

We are disappointed by the scant presence of puzzles in an adventure like this

There is room for epic in these combats, of course, especially when you have already completed the adventure several times and as a consequence the enemies increase their power and number; but they are specific moments that do not fully

exploit the potential of these battles. Combats that for more inri are, as a rule, too easy. More as the hero’s strength increases, he will inv
est experience points in improving his health, endurance, speed or dexterity with the weapon, practically becomin
g a god. Not to mention the possibility of setting fire or freeze enemies with the sword. They will die like bed bugs!