Stories: The Path of Destinies

From back to front

The main character here – a cunning fox Reynard, which tends to interfere with the plans of the Emperor, suiting the dark rituals to awaken the ancient gods. The first fork in the road appears almost immediately, and will take decisions after going through each of the five little chapters (although sometimes it is necessary to do, and at other times). Save a friend, or go in search of a powerful weapon? Grab someone in captivity or released on all four sides? Such questions will arise constantly.

The first pass will take about an hour, after which the user will return to the very beginning of the book of fairy tales. The fact is that to get to a good ending is only one way, and a lot of forks in the road only after several attempts there.

Therefore pereprohodit still have time after time, constantly choosing different paths, and along with better understanding the motives of the characters. If you stand on the side of a character, to the final it will be known about him a lot – namely the use of these data and will help you find the best ending.

For example, if someone would be the villain, the narrator will always remember this, even during the reading of the stories that were heard during the last passes. In total there are four “Truth”, which can be brought to “correct” the final. Sometimes a decision leads to the death of Reynard, in which case the player or start all over again, or to complete the chapter again, not repeating the same mistakes.

It may seem as if the plot because this turns into a mess, but there are not so many heroes to be confused in the names.

Visit the old location is necessary not only for the understanding of stories, but also to search for the secrets lurking behind the doors of different colors. Reynard carries with him several swords and use them to open the locks. But only flaming sword will penetrate into the room, the entrance to which is guarded by fire door. Lees gets a new melee weapon with the help of “crafting” by collecting the necessary resources from the trunks and broken vases, and each of the four swords can include additional elemental damage to enemies out quicker.

Stories: The Path of Destinies game review

The narrator jokes about everything – even when the player breaks vases and boxes.

And it will have to fight them all the time, as the enemy at every step. Reynard is able to swing a sword, but a lot of it has to learn anew, as he had long departed from affairs and lived a quiet life. So after two or three encounters he earns experience points that can be spent on various improvements, of which the Storiesmyriad. Increase the supply of health, to increase the damage done by counter-attacks, to make higher speed of movement – a lot of options, and many of them are much easier passage. In addition, you can purchase the opportunity to bounce a few times aside – then just remember the Hyper Light Drifter (although the hero there could jump back and forth without any restrictions).

again the fight

Among the opponents of the crows have several types: conventional, easy-hitting attacks, and bearing shields or healing their allies. There are also strange creatures of fire, producing flames and exploding after his death. Regardless of the type of the enemy, fight with them will look just as with all the others: hit, bounced, hit. You can vary the fight, using a hook and pulling him to his enemies, but to come up with something else can not be at all desire – the main character is not trained in any special magic. But he is able to fend off the attack, which is enough to reject the stick on the controller in the right direction, if the icon appears above the head of the enemy. “Boevka” do not get bored, but because of the monotony of enemies and the lack of any difference between the first and the fiftieth fight to finish fights eventually want as soon as possible.