Regina Todorenko from Eagle and Tails showed a nut without clothes and was shocked by the size

The famous actress and presenter Regina Todorenko from Eagle and Tails decided to show everyone her nut without anything, dropping extra clothes, and standing in an interesting pose. Todorenko without any clothes gave originality to the photographer’s angle, which surprised the leading fans.

According to, Regina Todorenko uploaded new pictures from Bali, where Todorenko is spending the holiday season. On the frames Regina Todorenko left the extra clothes, and stood on the surfboard, showing the audience her nut above the water. At the same time, new pictures were taken from below, which allowed visually only emphasize the roundness of the stellar presenter. It is interesting that Todorenko herself in the description also noted her “huge ass, which she grew.” What was seen struck many fans of Todorenko, and her new publications soon gained more than 300 thousand likes.

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Publication by regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko)Dec 29, 2019 at 7:23 PST

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Publication by regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko)Dec 24, 2019 at 6:15 PST

Fans of Regina Todorenko arranged a heated discussion of its lower part, trying to pick up the most suitable epithets. Many viewers were shocked due to the peculiar angles in the pictures, and noted that the most important part of Todorenko in these frames is really impressive, and looks like a bomb. Fans called Todorenko’s nut “luxurious and credible”, and also noted the positive leading, who herself notices those things that the audience will first of all pay attention to.

Regina Todorenko noted that she was very pleased with the results of the outgoing year, which brought her both understanding in the family and new successful projects, for example, the show “Friday with Regina”. According to, Todorenko is currently not the host of the Eagle and Tails show, although many leading fans hope she will return to this show.