Shurygina raised her shirt and showed that under it

The notorious Internet star Diana Shurygina, who recently broke up with her husband Andrei Shlyanin, shocked her subscribers by pulling her clothes and showing herself.

The 20-year-old star decided to please all her fans by posting completely new photos on her Instagram. According to, on her Stories page, Diana Shurygina wished the netizens good night with a new selection of pictures in which she appeared in a t-shirt tucked up on the most important thing. At the same time, in one of the photos, the girl even had to cover up part of herself, so as not to be blocked. In other pictures, Diana Shurygina just covered her charms with her hand. “I’m going to sleep,” Diana left her comment.

It is worth noting that recently Diana Shurygina left her husband Andrei Shlyanin and started dating young millionaire Denis Rebrov. In addition, the infamous Internet star also began to please network users more often with pictures in which there is almost nothing on Diana. At the same time, Shurygina is constantly sharing various thoughts with subscribers. For example, she advises “just to get high from life” and “do what you want.” According to Diana, do not get hung up on bad moments. “Catch the moments, enjoy the little things, and, I promise, in old age you will remember your life and enjoy it,” Diana Shurygina advises.

According to, Diana Shurygina became famous thanks to her participation in various television programs and television shows, such as Let They Talk. At the moment, the girl has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram.