“Raid” meets the zombie apocalypse: The debut trailer for the movie “Train to Busan: Peninsula”

The first movie was very good. One of my favorite zombie movies. I also liked this trailer, but the emphasis shifted (apparently) from the zombie drama to the action movie, which, in principle, is also normal. I really look forward to the film.
A few words about Korean cinema in general: in my opinion, it is now one of the best in the world (for me, at least): great stories and scenarios, cool play by actors, entertainment, lack of various compression scam, etc.
I just started to plunge into this unknown world of the film industry of Korea for me, but everything that I saw left a very vivid impression on me.
The last thing I watched from Korean was the 2010 film “I saw the Devil.” That’s the bomb! It is made in the style I like: gloom, cruelty, heaviness .. The film still stands in the head, it impressed me so much. The creators of the Halloween movies say that their villain Michael Myers is “absolute evil” in which there is no motive, but it does evil, because it is evil.
But Michael always had a halo of some kind of invulnerability and inhumanity, mysticism, but in “I saw the Devil”, you can see the real “absolute evil”, but in human form.
This is what impressed me the most, and so, a movie about revenge.
I strongly recommend everyone to take a look.