iPhone 12 production may be delayed – review

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Edition Nikkei Asian Review reports that mass production iPhone 12 may be delayed for a period of one to two months. The reasons were a pandemic, labor shortages and interruptions in the supply chain of components due to the shutdown of part of the plants.

It is alleged that the company is trying to reduce the delay, however, according to the source, the full-fledged production of the iPhone 12 can start in early October. This, of course, will delay the release of new items on the market.

According to the company Broadcom, sales will start in the fall, but they do not give exact dates. Note that earlier analysts reduced sales forecasts for this year from 30-40 million to 15-20 million units.

Finally, new smartphones are not expected to receive complete headphones and chargers. This will reduce the cost of the product, as well as make the packaging more elegant and thinner.

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