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Whose post apocalypse games is more realistic?

The Last of Us

For starters, Rob and Alan “walked” through Boston from The Last of Us, where it only takes 20 years after the collapse of civilization. 

According to the writer, the degree of degradation of materials.

The destruction of buildings and the penetration of vegetation into the urban environment is transmitted realistically. 

Birds fly into the empty buildings, make nests there, on the basis of which trees and plants begin to grow.

Which crush the walls and ceiling as they germinate. 

For 20 years without repair, pavements and roads will fall to such an extent.

Especially if you consider that the city was built in a swamp. 

Also on the asphalt will have a devastating effect of temperature changes with the change of seasons.

The vegetation would die, it would be replaced by another.

More adapted to the salty sea water and marsh conditions. 

And in general, the building is located on a hill.

And all the water would run down a slope and flood the other part of the city.

post apocalypse games

Horizon: Zero Dawn

The next setting is a distant post apocalypse games future from the Horizon: Zero Dawn

Alan honestly admits that he doesn’t know where nature will turn in such a remote time.

No one can predict how much for 1000 years with more or less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will affect the landscape of the planet.

Experts are inclined to think that the climate in Colorado will become drier.

Which will lead to more forest fires and extinction of coniferous forests. 

That is, in fact, it is likely that Horizon shows in the driest regions.

 The most realistic to Wiseman seemed to be the “petrified” remains of human structures and zones with hard, rocky soil.

post apocalypse games

Seeing the ruins of central Moscow from Metro.

Alan immediately said that everything was very realistic, especially fallen airliners. 

The broken streets, the skeletons of buildings.

And the landscape that was chopped up by atomic bombing turned out to be extremely convincing.

As was the behavior of plants making their way through concrete, asphalt, and iron skeletons.

The level of radioactive contamination of the air remains fatal. 

According to Wiseman, “something will survive, something will not.”

 Alan takes Chernobyl as a basis and says that the plants in the immediate range of 500 meters have become completely extinct due to radiation. 

But over time, in Pripyat, the plants from the gardens and the park subdued the whole landscape for themselves.

And in 1993, when Wiseman was there, the city looked “green and flowering.

” So, in “Metro” everything is reflected realistically.

post apocalypse games

Fallout 4

In Fallout 4, it happens in the wastelands of Massachusetts – 200 years after the war.

In areas that for the most part were not directly bombed. 

Alan draws attention to the fact that power lines still stand, as do antennas with water towers. 

The main radiation is preserved in the soil, air and water.

Harvesting from contaminated soil is possible – most of the food is also radioactive.

But for some reason, trees and vegetation have not survived (although the example of Chernobyl proves that this should not be the case). 

The Fallout 4 setting is the least realistic of those reviewed.

It works as a video post apocalypse games environment, but does not stand up to scrutiny from a scientific point of view.