Horizon: Zero Dawn

But Horizon: Zero Dawn is not one of those games that you fall in love in the first few minutes. Here it is necessary to get involved for a long time and the blame for this entry tightened. Boring “training” stages at the start – generally one of the worst things that there are in a videogame.

Just imagine: you have seen enough movies Horizon, where Eloy, the main character, runs through the picturesque forests and incredibly spectacular deals with giant robotic dinosaurs.

You fly over the game, most of its run, looking forward, as it is now will begin to disassemble the pieces of steel monsters.

But what do you see? Two hours of tedious conversations with a reading level of morals of fairy tales for children five years old.

Already it’s not cool, but there is also the need to play a little Eloy, she still can not do anything: no freedom at this moment there, of course – drags it a mentor, learn to shoot a bow, pick grass.

Do not go, do not look here, this is for you until you can not, that’s too – really start to feel resentful child. But the game is not so. It immediately gives a false representation of itself.

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Even in childhood, Eloy will “trick” – a device that survived the buried time civilization. With it, you can highlight the resources and active objects, and scan the enemy, looking for their weak points.

Focus cool facilitates interaction with the world of Horizon, and eventually will play a huge role in the story.

This is an important problem. It is well known that few players doprohodyat game until the end. But even on such training stages, many do not get. To be sure, just look at the statistics of the trophies on PSN. With this need to fight. Many of slashers, for example, have long since learned to circumvent this problem.

The same God of War 3 at the start gave “raskachennyh” character and a crowd of weak enemies, so you can have fun immediately feel what will be the game. Later the extra toys were collected and forced to slowly return them. It’s not ideal, but it works.

Even when Eloy growing up, it was not in a hurry to release into the wild. Leash-the neck seems to be removed but before undergoing certain story quests have nowhere to go and nothing really to do. Yes, and the right tools for the study of the world game to this point does not – small weapons, armor tonyusenkaya and even running through the woods raccoons hardly protect. So feel free to add one more line, though more interesting hour.

Horizon begins only after 3-4 hours of play, when you finally nothing else holds, and you can go explore the world. The game is exactly that.

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Obviously, it would seem, the thing – in the game with an open world primarily interested in is to be the world itself. If you do not want to go into the jungle of the most at the other end of the card and pull out to climb that mountain, just to see what it was, without a quest and a clear purpose – it means the world in a boring game.

That Horizon wants. Just. Because I wonder what you find there. And there is always something there. Many developers forget about it, but of Guerrilla, it seems, on the elaboration of the world have made a special rate.

Once upon a time, passing Gothic 3

I was determined to climb up a mountain. I wanted to reveal the deception game, see the “edge of the world”, neprogruzivshiesya texture or leaving nowhere open. I am a long time riding over rocks, a couple of times crashed, but still made it to the goal.

What I found there? Surrounded by cliffs clearing the ruins of a small fortress. Any awards, but they were not needed.

It is important to the feeling I got to the place where most of the players have never been and never visited, but even there I found something.

The developers anticipate that someone would sweat and spend an hour, getting here just out of curiosity. Thereafter Myrtana to me alive.

That’s what a study of the world and the love of the creators to their creation. Similarly, arranged and Horizon – a clearing here each assembled by hand, and even in the most remote corner of the eye to be sure to be hooked.