Silent Hill Pyramid Head creator Masahiro Ito working on a new game

Monster Designer for the first three games of the series Silent Hill Masahiro Ito working on a new project. “I’m working on the game as a key member of the team,” the game designer tweeted. “I hope that the project will not be canceled.”

When users of the social network tried to learn more, Ito replied: “I can’t tell anything about this yet.”

At the same time, the illustrator wished everyone a happy New Year and published the concept art of the canceled sci-fi horror, which he had previously worked on Sony Interactive Entertainment.

In March 2017, Ito already posted a similar picture on Twitter, as well as used her as a background image for his website in February 2012.

“Please accept my belated Happy New Year,” Ito wrote.

In 2018, Ito laid out another series of drawings depicting the Asian pilot Ryo Akutagawa in the cockpit of the Russian humanoid robot IS159.

In 2018, Ito toldthat the Sony project was in development from 2008 to 2010, and then was canceled. It is not known whether these illustrations are related to Ito’s new work.

In 2016, the developer worked on Nightcry as a designer of monsters, and in 2018 participated in the creation of Metal Gear Survive as a creature designer.

At the end of 2018, Ito complained of bad luck – several projects on which he worked were canceled.

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