Fallout 4

The first expansion of Fallout 4 is already here, proving to be a little more than what it originally looked like it was going to be (a robot editor),

Day of the Tentacle Remastered

but not much more. Everything begins explosively, with a radio signal asking for help in the face of an unknown robot attack, which will guide us to a point full of robots different from the usual ones attacking the members of a caravan.

DiRT Rally

Conceived as a mission for characters of level 15 or higher, rescuing those attacked will open a new story line that will put us in front of the figure of El Maquinista and an army of robots in ways never before seen in the game that will try to make things difficult for us. .

It is nice that Bethesda has been concerned with introducing new content as a way to fit and make sense of the proposed robot editor, which is still the raison d’être of this expansion. In the original announcement of the first downloadable content included in the Season Pass, it was implied that this would be more an expansion of our possibilities in the game -in the


style of the expanded settlement editor to be included in the Wasteland Workshop, the next DLC- , but not that it was going to have a narrative content as such and zones on the map where to live new adventures, but the last trailer confirmed this extreme and now we can see what the study has prepared for us to extend our stay in this post-earth. apocalyptic

Fallout 4 - Automatron (PC) screenshot

Basically, what we find is a mission of about two to three hours – more or less, it is always difficult to evaluate these things taking into account all the types of players there are. With some new structures to explore and full of enemies, more new robotic units that can appear in the Wasteland, this adventure will explain where this new threat comes from, what their motivations


are and where their sense of “order and justice” comes from. , the supposed purpose of their existence, although in practice they indiscriminately


attack anyone who crosses their path. It will be through citations and documents that we will know more about this new force in the Wasteland and the history of its creation, a story that holds more than one surprise inside.

Once we have started our journey and incorporated a new “companion” to our particular entourage, we will immediately have the main addition of Robotron, a robot construction table for our settlement, which will allow us to collect pieces of all kinds to


create or modify a machine companion with which to annihilate any enemy that puts itself ahead. The beginnings will be somewhat bland, with few pieces at our disposal to start creating our perfect war weapon, but as we move forward and find more machines


to scrap, we will begin to have the right material to transform even the most modest robot into a authentic metal mass.

Fallout 4 - Automatron (PC) screenshot

The possibilities of adding and exchanging pieces are quite complete, and the best thing is that not only can we create our machine and give it “life”, we can also modify our own robotic companions. And yes, that means we can select the good Codsworth and


turn it into a killer robot capable of filling the hearts of our enemies with fear. See the pleasant domestic robot turned into a mini-tank with skull-shaped ornaments is quite a spectacle, but we can also take our creativity to new heights and try to overcome great successes of the Internet as the famous ” Sexy Codsworth”That has been popularized through social networks.