There are many strange games. Some of them “on good terms” strange: tightening setting, interesting characters and unexpected plot twists; other excessive originality in the best case does not add any charm. And there are games such as of Paradigm, and impressions of them, unfortunately, only the best to describe concepts that Roskomnadzor can be estimated as the promotion of drugs.

Paradigm – not particularly diverse in terms of gameplay, but at least stand out point-and-click adventure game.

The main character, a mutant named paradigms need to save a small town in Eastern Europe from the explosion is almost without any help – if you do not consider it reasonable autonomous tumor (yes, it’s so wonderful game).

In turn, the obstacles he darn equally bizarre characters, like who gained consciousness of water in the exoskeleton or sloth in a wig, which spits chocolates.

But nothing will stop our extremely unattractive, but purposeful paradigm towards one of the five endings that, to put it mildly, an extraordinary adventure.

Gameplay is very simple: there are active subjects / areas that Paradigm in any way comment on when clicking the left mouse button. Right click opens a command menu. “View”, “Talk”, “Use” Objects can be placed in your inventory for later use, very rarely – combined.

In a particularly difficult moments, you can refer to a reasonable tumor, and she would rather veiled hint or a link to a page with the passage (but only after much persuasion and humiliation of the ego). If it was not crazy, but crazy attractive setting, then the first play was not very interesting.

The game has three difficulty levels: for those who only uses a computer for work email; those who deliberately wants to try out for themselves a genre of quests, and “advanced.”

But even on the third level, all too monotonous: Only one item is placed in the inventory “for the future”, and dialogues, took a respectable second in importance for this game is not so exciting place – although they are consistent with the overall impression of the Paradigm. But after 20 minutes in the game begin to unfold strengths.

This is, firstly, absolutely crazy characters.

In general, anything else from a post-apocalyptic “Soviet setting,” and you do not expect, but some points deserve special mention. In addition to smoking the plant pretender, dog-alcoholic and drug addict promiskuitetnogo zadrota in the early stages can be found living in the dump self-proclaimed superhero, who was married to a mannequin with a traffic cone on his head.

And it’s just the beginning: the two-headed cat psychic, breathable vapor uranium seller cupcakes, servant of the Church of glam metal Paradigm- …

The world is a kind of “curiosities” of video games, where you can come back even if only in order to look at the local freak parade. The interaction with the NPC – it is a separate pleasure. You can read a mini-lecture on avant-garde art of the mutants,

Secondly, it is all kinds of terminals.

They can kill a bit of time for advice from Duporganayzera, just learn more about the lore of the town Khrushchev to choose another type of head or play a mini-game.

In general, the mini-games in Paradigm with proper desire could be brought to the independent and quite successful projects; I do not know about you, but I would like to play in saydskrollingovy beat-em-up, in which the need to eliminate enemies with the help of compliments.

And available in the second stage of the adventure dating sim significantly expands the boundaries of the concept of country itself – for me, at least, the experience of flirting with a toaster with all its consequences is clearly not passed unnoticed.

Third, a comic script component. Although the dialogues are often rolled into not very skilful juggling jokes below the belt, mostly Mighty adult humor in the spirit of Adult Swim.

In this case, notice that it is based both on a personal and on a societal trauma, but the script still does not roll in winding snot on his fist and does not call for any particular solution of these problems, and just shows how all of this can live in the world, which otherwise as a “theater of the absurd” and not name.