Looking forward to a full Medal of Honor? Vince Zampella leads DICE LA

Leader and Founder Respawn entertainment Vins Zampella announced that since 2023 he will head another division of the Electronic Arts publishing house – DICE LA. Studio EA from Los Angeles was previously called Dreamworks interactive (1995-2000), EA Los Angeles (2000-2010) and Danger close games (2010-2013). She is famous for the series. Medal of honor and The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth. She also helped Westwood from Command & Conquer.

In recent years, EA has served as a support studio. However, with the advent of Zampella, she will be fully rebranding, during which the name will probably change again. The new chapter already has plans to expand and launch the original as yet unannounced game.

“We are likely to rebrand,” – says Zampella. “We want to give the studio a new look. I think that now the brand only shows that it is a DICE support studio from Stockholm. Rebranding should lure people: “Go work with us. We are going to do amazing things. ” I want people to say: “This is exactly the place where you should get a job to create new content.”

The newly made leader emphasizes that DICE LA will be completely independent of DICE and Respawn. However, he’s not ready to tell yet what his team will do.

Concerning Respawn, then he will act as a “senior coach”, since each of its departments already has its own leader. Team leader Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Styg Acmycce will continue to develop a story-oriented direction. Chad Grenier will take care of Apex legends and will work on what ever spills out into a new Titanfall, a Peter Hirschmann will continue to develop Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond – franchise branches for virtual reality.

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