Vince Zampella headed DICE LA – the studio will be renamed and she will take up her game

Vince Zampella headed DICE LA - the studio will be renamed and she will take up her game

EA announced a reshuffle within the company: founder and leader Respawn Vince zampella now topped and DICE LA – Swedish support studio Dice.
At the same time, according to media reports, Zampella became the head of the company a year ago, however, the changes were publicly announced only now – perhaps due to the success of two new Respawn products: Apex legends and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
In DICE LA, which will be renamed in the future, they will start investing much more resources, so the team will be able to release their own project – a new intellectual property.
Formally, DICE LA was formed in 2013, but in reality the studio went far beyond one rebirth. For her life she was called DreamWorks Interactive (1995-2000), EA Los Angeles (2000-2010) and Danger Close (2010-2012) – she was responsible for Medal of honor.
But after the failure Medal of Honor: Warfighter the company was formally closed, and its entire composition was transferred to the brand new DICE LA. In fact, for Zampella, this is actually a return home, because in the early 2000s he was just working on the Medal of Honor, after which he left to make Call of Duty.
Moreover, it is Respawn, led by one of the authors of the classic Medal of Honor, who is working on restarting the Oculus series of VR helmets.
Despite the overall boss, DICE LA will not become part of the Respawn brand. For her, they will come up with an independent name that will reflect the spirit of the company. Zampella himself calls himself “head coach” as he will continue to lead Respawn.
Now Respawn itself has three full teams:
The storytelling team is led by Stig Asmussen (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order)
Team Titanfall and Apex Legends – Chad Grenye
The Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Team – Peter Hershmann.
However, there may be some other units, which Zampella also hinted at. As we know, before the end of March, an unusual new Titanfallbut due to the success of Apex Legends, plans had to be changed.