Like a Dragon can be shot from the Gatling during the race on the maps – review

Sega published illustrated story about another aspect of the future action movie Yakuza: Like a Dragon. This time it was about racing on the cards in which Itiban Kasuga could take part.

Acquaintance with the possibilities of Dragon Kart will take place in Yokohama, and this will traditionally be devoted to a special side story. The hero will be invited to take part in races by a character reminiscent of an older organizer of the Pocket Circuit competition from Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.

Enhancing his skills, Kasuga will open up new tracks and opportunities and meet new unique rivals. Winning races, he will be able to get into the Grand Prix tournaments. And the most prestigious of them, the Dragon Cup, takes place in Kamurotyo.

It’s not enough to drive fast to win. Racing tracks are strewn with dangerous obstacles that reduce speed, shock, or completely block the track. They can be overcome with the help of springboards or shot from a Gatling gun or rocket launcher, if you can pick it up on the way.

Over time, Kasuga will be able to improve our cards with our help: make it faster and more durable, increase the number of uses of weapons and simply decorate to taste. And some trophies obtained also develop the hero himself, thus affecting the progress of the game.

Those who like the new races will be able to compare their best results with other players online, in Time Attack mode. Results are summarized daily and winners receive special rewards.

The western release date for Yakuza: Like a Dragon is still unknown, but the game is due out in 2023. The Japanese will get acquainted with the action movie on January 16th.