Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

Adventure games, despite the popularity of the genre and the already established formula for their implementation.

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The Uncharted series was completed, and the whole burden of implementing steep and high-quality projects on how a brave hero fights against the hordes of opponents.

Incidentally being in search of untold treasures.

Completely fell on the fragile shoulders of Lara Croft.

The only remaining in the ranks of the Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Who today does not have any worthy competitors.

Already twice, she saved the world and herself, and in September 2018 she planned a third coming.

When she should already save the whole game genre.

And Shadow of the Tomb Raider copes with this unbearable task perfectly.

The game from Square Enix, as usual, visits all the platforms at once, but at the time of writing the review we gave priority to versions for Xbox One.

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The reason for this was the previous part,which was originally published on this platform.

And then made available to everyone – I was passing it on Xbox One.

All my achievements were on this console.

So there was not much point in dividing the games into one series.

Therefore, although all that is written below refers primarily to the version of the game for this console.

It is unlikely that you will get too different experience from the game itself on different platforms.


Since the release of the previous part of the concept of Tomb Raider has undergone almost no major changes.

We again find ourselves in the center of a grand adventure, but this time at the very beginning of the game the plot makes an unexpected twist and the problems begin where no one is waiting for them initially.

History does not copy the previous two parts (which were too similar to each other).

But it was created explicitly according to the same scheme – the villain is known initially.

Unexpected plot turns in the presence, quality direction and a lot of various locations are also here.

Even the rationale for all the adventures.

Which fits into the framework of the plot canvas, and that is.

Therefore, the search for underground pyramids, creeping into temples and catacombs.

Running with obstacles and even visiting zone-hubs where there are traders and NPCs with whom you can and should communicate – all this is built into a whole story.

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Which is really interesting to follow.

And this time we were really pleased with the variety of locations and puzzles.

What two predecessors could not boast of – the game took a serious step forward.

And I do not want to leave it to the final titles.

And as soon as the story ends, there is a desire to start again.

This is greatly facilitated by how the system of complexity is implemented in the game.

There are 3 separate parameters that allow you to adjust the complexity for yourself, but the most interesting point is the ability to adjust the game world to your needs.

That is, at a high level of complexity, items for puzzles are not highlighted.

Active places for lifting are not visible.

And even textures are replaced by dim or alternative ones.

For example, at the easiest level of difficulty you can see where you can jump and where to climb.

Because you painted a bright white paint there.

And on the complicated there is nothing like this.

Look for the passage to a new location.

And there is still the most complicated mode, where conservation works only in fires.

Whose ignition requires resources, enemies are exposed to the most complicated orders (see each other all the time and need to try very hard to covertly kill them) and half the indicators do not work.

Connoisseurs of playing “hardcore” it is clearly appreciated.


Expanded once again and a pool of opportunities for the heroine.

The most notable of these is the ability to go down the rope from any surface – this element, by the way.

Is explained only at the very beginning of the game.

So players at the presentation of the project during the exhibitions.

Where the tutorial stage was missed,had serious problems in order to come down In one place.

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At E3, for example, there was a special person who approached the players and explained how to go further.

Because there was no clue.

Well, from the added and open at the beginning it is worth noting the opportunity to hide in the vines near the walls, climb so into a closed territory and kill someone who passes by.

The rest of the innovations you learn from the game, as some of them are tied to the plot and use in puzzles – do not want to spoil you surprises.

But Lara is not Batman and not Spiderman, so the number of gadgets is not so big and varied, but it’s all backed up by a familiar percussion system, divided into 3 different trees.

They allow and facilitate the passage, and become the best killer.(And the fact that Lara knows how to kill and does it with pleasure, can be seen from the first minutes).

And in general with comfort to survive in extreme conditions.

Which are provided to her at every step.


Actually, Shadow of the Tomb Raider does something that other developers hesitate to do for some reason – it does not lose the advantages of the previous parts.

But offers new features, an interesting story and a steep implementation.

Therefore, all the fans who have been waiting for the game, it makes no sense to skip it and will not be disappointed either.

The only problem with the project is that, like any sequel.

It requires at least a basic understanding of what is happening on the screen.

Otherwise, the characters and their dialogues at the beginning of the game can drive into a stupor.

Because it will not be very clear what is happening.

And who are all these people who connect Lara with the past.

But it’s worth playing 10-15 minutes, having passed the initial phase, as the separate plot of this part begins.

And all the old heroes go to the background.

Giving the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new story.

Graphically the game looks just great.

I use the usual Xbox One, not its improved version of the Xbox One X.

And still got a very cool and high-quality graphics.

The picture looks good on both the TV and the monitor screen.

A huge number of details in the frame, excellent water animation and very cool Lara (this time even more realistic than in previous games) add positive impressions from the game.

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For all the passage of the problem with the number of frames per second were only a couple of times.

And then not in combat scenes, but in scenes of destruction of locations.

But it did not stop playing and enjoying what was happening.


In the end, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the perfect sequel, which is cut out by familiar patterns.

But it also finds time to surprise the player.

And various things that even an experienced gamer can please.

This is a quality, verified and interesting hit, designed for fans of the genre and all those who want bright adventures.