Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Women in Power
Uncharted: The Lost Legacyit demonstrates – if you ever need it – all the naughty dog’s mastery of knowing how to engage the player and make him feel right from the beginning to the story story, which put this in the foreground of the indisputable protagonist of the story, Chloe, his journey in search of an ancient Indian artifact.
To get hold of and fight the Asav war speculator, he joins mercenary Nadine Ross, giving birth to a well-assorted duo and working great. Together, Chloe and Nadine will venture into the western Ghati mountains of India to find the ruins of the ancient Hoysala Empire and retrieve the mythical Golden Bear of Ganesha; the whole,
Though you miss something with other more prominent characters, especially with regard to Nadine’s single-dimensional traits or Chloe’s newly-skinned past, the pair guarantees a good eight-hour arc around the arc to complete the adventure. An adventure that, among other things, gives the best of itself in the final section, with the exception of the last clash and the final a bit awkward.
With rocambol chases, a good deal of exploration, regeneratively perfect scenes of action and a well-calculated rhythm between riddles, firing and classic climbing on majestic buildings and rock formations, global quality is assured and care is given to The Lost Legacy is certainly not inferior to the main episodes of the saga. We believe that this can be a first step to touch the ground and understand how much space there will be for the future of Uncharted ; and at the same time, as it seems desirable, if the franchise can really continue to expand even without Nathan Drake.
Uncharted: Lost Legacy, spin-off review with Chloe and Nadine
Indian Trip
The Perduite legacy is home to the largest open level in the series, to be dealt face-to-face with the substantial linearity seen in Madagascar. For a good part of the adventure you will have to cross the area on your four for four in search of areas of interest to reach by deciding on the order that best suits you.
If you decide to extend the overall duration of the game, at some point in the adventure you can also go for some big coins that you can do by increasing your affiliation with Nadine. In this regard, the only real new element (albeit just sketched) is how our partner helps us or tends to be disinterested depending on how successful it has been to cooperate.
This section, however, raises two critical issues: the first, already present in The Last of Us , is the substantial invisibility that Nadine will have in the eyes of enemies when he sneaks away; the second, less forgiving, and already present in The End of a Thief, is artificial intelligence that is not reactive and easily reversible. If in the first case this is more of a question of credibility, however “tamponata” from the dynamism of our partner’s ability to react, in the second case we face a problem already blamed, even more bare by the greater amplitude of the ‘ area in question.
 To take advantage of a large portion of high grass and to plan for the next moves without major problems, to take advantage of the verticality offered by the ever-superior design of the levels, or sometimes find themselves in situations that are not too different from the past, it seemed to us a little help keeps the stick of the difficulty low even by selecting the most challenging challenge.
Apart from that, there are no real reasons to point your finger against a spin-off that cementes even more the gaming system and its enormous qualities, including the mechanics of burglary and finally proposing more complex and better puzzles crafted compared to those that were too elementary seen in the past.