Like a Dragon collectible “Pokémon” will appear – review

Weekly Weekly famitsu published a new collection of information about the future action movie Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The main facts were already known earlier, but there are also new items. In particular, a new collecting system has been announced: Sujimon.

After meeting with Shujimon professor, Kasuga can begin collecting these dangerous creatures. To begin with, he will have to fight with three “starting” shoujimons: Green, Red and Blue.

In total, you can find 252 shujimon in the game, and whoever does this will receive the title of Shujimon Master. And in the built-in encyclopedia there is information about what shujimon weaknesses and which trophies you can get from them.

In the next broadcast, the creators of the game showed some future associates of Itiban Kasuga. Including from our old friends.

In particular, from 56:15 the battle begins with the participation of Jun-ki Khan, the boss of the Korean mafia. IN Yakuza 6: The Song of Life he had an ambiguous role. But in the new part, he will join Ichiban. Jun-ki Khan is a strong and fast fighter, he can use firearms.

In the broadcast you can also see the battles with the participation of Eri Katamaki, the new character of Tien Yu Zhao, the leader of the Chinese mafia, and other future associates of Itiban Kasuga.