Like a Dragon answered another main question about the game – review

Sega and Ryū ga Gotoku released the continuation of their special video dedicated to the future action movie Yakuza: Like a Dragon. IN the first part the creators of the project answered the main questions: about the return of old friends and the need to play in the previous parts of the series.

The new video is dedicated to the Hello Work system. This is an innovation that allows you to send all members of the Ichiban Kasugi group for a part-time job. And get not only a reward for it, but also combat bonuses.

The video showed a number of possible types of employment: a hero, a detective, a bartender’s assistant, a host, a dancer, a bodyguard, a riot police officer, a dealer, a chef, and a contractor. Heroes will be able to master very exotic specialties: for example, the homeless, idol, fortuneteller, Queen of the Night. Some types of work, in particular, the demon and the lady boss, will be available as part of paid add-ons.

In the final “interview”, the creators will talk about Yokohama and how Itiban Kasuga will rise from the very bottom of the public hierarchy. At the same time, they will answer the main question: are they fully confident in the quality of Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

In Japan, the game will be released on January 16, and in the West will appear later.