Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC

It will be on September 4, 2018 to bring two new destinations, a new PvE / PvP Gambit mode and a new portion of the story to be more daring and darker.

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You will return to the Reef to The Tangled Shore to escape the Prison of Elders refugees.

Besides, you will visit The Dreaming City, which was designed for end-game content such as a new raid.

Otherwise it is the home of Awoken, a faction of blue-skinned people.

Besides, look forward to the new Supers for collecting, new weapons and other common stuff in the datadis.

The creators say Destiny 2 Forsaken will answer all the feedback they received last year.

They say such a fulfilled wish of all the fans. Whether you buy DLC or not, some of the favorite things will come back from the first Destiny 2.


He will not forget even smaller packages through Annual Pass: Black Armory, Winter Joker’s Wild (Spring 2019) and Penumbra (summer 2019).

The closest is the Solstice of Heroes event planned for July 17, which will permanently return a six-to-six crowd.

The players did not have enough of the former excitement, danger, adrenaline in the blood did not boil from the realization of the end of the world and the fear of immortal evil, as it was with Oricks, the King of the Possessed!

It can be safely called a standard villain, which the authors skillfully seized before the release of The Taken King – during the final battle with his son.

The Prince of the Hive was named Mole, the Son of Oryx.

He fell from his own sword, but his death gave rise to more questions.

What kind of portal did he try to open during the battle?

Why the Son of Orix?

Who in general is Oryx? Of course, Google did not help.

Destiny 2 Forsaken reminds the final breakthrough, as if all the employees of Bungie gathered at a round table and agreed to give theirbestfor the last time.

Something similar happened in 2015, with the release of The Taken King ,which turned the first game of a good shooter with a lot of problems in an excellent game with a good storyline and a mountain of entertainment.

In some ways, Destiny 2 Forsaken was even better, at least thanks to Bungie’s clear plans for the future.

Now is the best time to return to Destiny 2 , if in a year the game managed to disappoint.

Without some flaws, of course, there were not, but no one expected the ideal.


The review of the “Forsaken” puts in an unfavorable light all the other DLC for the second part, although there is nothing wrong with them.

For a small cost, they offered a story campaign for a couple of hours and a few exotic cannons, the search of which took up to a couple of weeks (there is no update of the week – there is no quest!).

At the same time there were new raids, and an additional wing of the raid, and maps for the crucible.

All this significantly increased the number of weekly activities.

Only the beginning

The campaign was not the shortest.

But after the victory over Uldren, history does not end.

In addition to the muddled coasts, which represent a large area with patrols and open activities.

The Guards after some actions will open another major zone – the city of dreams.

A beautiful location with breathtaking architecture offers additional entertainment.

Including the “Blind Well” arena, where the owners of found or purchased “tickets” can participate in battles with waves of enemies.

So many years have gone by, and Bungie still can not realize the human system of selecting players in such modes – one should hope that you will not go there alone.

And constantly fly into orbit and return for the sake of finding random comrades.


The main thing is that it became much more fun to play.

Because the shooter finally returned weapons with random bonuses.


It is still unclear why the game was originally an idiotic system with two main types of weapons that did not introduce anything new into the series and severely limited the possibilities in combat. 

But now everything is fine – and from PvE you get pleasure, and from PvP.


Locations of it are plain and simple – desert as it is.

But if you go a little deeper into the heart of the abode of the Fallen.

You can stumble upon saloons, underground caves with smuggling.

A cemetery of space ships and even the collapsed Hive ship. 


Where the foot of guards had not previously walked.


If in Destiny 2 developers made a lot of mistakes, then in Destiny 2 Forsaken many flaws were fixed, even for this.

And had to borrow something from the first game.

So let him under this review flaunts “Amazing”.

I want to once again give the game a chance.

Although you understand that Bungie at any time can spoil everything and disappoint.