3D platformer Glyph comes out on Steam August 9 – Igromania

Danish studio Bolverk Games released its colorful 3D open-world platformer on Nintendo Switch in January Glyph… And then she showed the game during the summer festival Steam, and it garnered great reactions and made it into the top 10 most downloaded demos with 2.5 million downloads.

Now the developers have announced the exact date of the PC release: the game will be available on Steam on August 9th.

Glyph is compared to Journey, Metroid, Super monkey ball and other classic platformers. But Bolverk Games has introduced a number of new ideas into the usual formula.

Glyph’s gameplay combines thrilling aerial maneuvers with peaceful exploration. Our goal is to rebuild the ancient Temple City in the middle of the desert: it also acts as the central hub of the game.

Players will find more than 80 levels in the exploration mode, 30 levels in the time trial mode, over a hundred secrets and improvements, and a dangerous and insidious final boss.

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