Killer Instinct Season 3

Killer Instinc  finishes the third season. And it does so by demonstrating how many were wrong in the presented business model and in the potential of the return of a saga that seemed already forgotten. Iron Galaxy took the reins of the franchise in the second season with major changes at the playable level and has managed to maintain the overall level of the game with this third course in


which we have seen more guest characters, new original fighters and a mode: Lord of the Shadows, which is finally postulated as a story mode from end to end for an excellent title on both Xbox One and PC. Killer Instinct is back to stay, and to continue at this pace, will be for a long time.

It was one of the first games with Xbox One, and the criticisms were immediate. Although at the visual level was an adaptation to the current era more than convincing and the gameplay had very interesting points, the lack of content in its output did not fit between the public and the press.


The approach was clear: take content periodically and offer a free to play format where players could enjoy the game without paying for it: yes, each time could only use one of the characters of the team. A way to engage users that established the first season, began to really work.


With a good base of fighters, new characters for Season 2 and the system of “pay for the fighter you want” and not for the entire squad had its crumb.


If you want to have the entire template, Shopping like a normal game with different packs that adapt to each player. If you want to try two or three, the game is more economical.

Killer Instinct - Season 3 (PC) screenshot

This has been enhanced with the arrival of the game on PC , which further expanded the active players available (broke the barrier of six million in March) and offered an exemplary cross-play for the genre. At a time when we have seen serious problems in this regard with Street Fighter V, where we have seen games that simply do not dare to offer this service,


Killer Instinct works in a solid way by crossing playersof platforms without any problem. Add to that the competitive divisions system, the hallmarks of the house or the already exemplary cage mode that virtually encloses the cheats that make Rage Quit penalizing them to play with people of their own nature.


The good thing, besides, to see a project like this grow month by month, season by season, is that they have accumulated hits. As for example the


Shadow Lab to create humanized AIs and fight with them -not at the level of Drivatar de Forza, but with enough personality so that we do not feel fighting against the CPU to use- while we improve the AI ​​that reads our way of playing .

Season 3, therefore, is that of final consolidation. The one that offers another batch of attractions to players, brings together everything we’ve seen before and closes the circle in what will be the Supreme Edition, a physical version with all the contents at the price of the entire game.


And the saga has not deceived anyone. Each season cost 19.90 euros(more if you wanted versions with extras) in exchange for eight characters and a bonus, like Omen. In total, 60 euros for a staff of more than 24 characters and a solid and varied offer in both offline and online modes.

Killer Instinct - Season 3 (PC) screenshot