Impact Winter

The two words, which are not accidental, make reference to a hypothetical son of the fall of an aero-asteroid of about 5 km radius on Earth: the fall of the latter would not cause an earthquake or the like, but simply a sudden and almost cold eternal, as well as a huge snowy expanse, resulting in the interruption of contact between Earth and the Sun, radiating solar radiation from our planet.


The consequences are logically deadly from the interruption of life to all those photosynthetic organisms: the butterfly effect, famous in hypothetical theories, would immediately produce the end of many animal lives and much of humanity. Surviving, therefore, becomes fundamental, and finding a way to do this is the first important goal of those who want to save themselves from the impact winter.


Our man is therefore called Jacob Solomon, dressed in a blue jacket and featuring very thin legs, a thick black beard and unguarded hair, ready to fall into an abandoned church waiting for relief, which will arrive in thirty days . Can you resist?

Impact Winter

Exploration and Fraud

The work done by Mojo Bones is quite appealing, especially in his ideas, which, as we are presented, immediately made us excited to think that he had to endure thirty days playing in a church, trying to survive with food, water and build, in the meantime, an increasingly easy structure.


The thirty days, however, can be tapered by completing some missions and reaching some of the goals that will be placed and proposed by our comrades, namely four, each of them with a specific function within the group. Ours is more active person, as always expected from a protagonist of a screenplay, perpetually accompanied by a drone that will support us in research and exploration.


Although the mechanics have seemed fairly immediate and clearly close to what is the concept of survival instinct, between feeding the fire with pieces of wood or anything that had a small percentage of combustion, or getting food from whatever could be moved around our church, the problem in our hands on was apparent after a few minutes of play. From the advent of the same developers, to be able to appreciate what their work was, our demo had in itself condensed all the elements of play that we would c


ross over during our early hours of play: complicity, therefore, a too high difficulty, we have found ourselves in a schizophrenic management of our business, because after deciding to explore the immense snowy expanse we were immediately recalled at the base, where two of our comrades had begun to suffer from hypothermia or

depression. Despite the initial support from the supplying antibiotics within the starting stocks, the disease has taken over and we have inevitably found ourselves after about twenty minutes of play to attend the funeral of one of our comrades. It has been made clear that it is possible to carry out its mission even on its own, so it is crucial that Jacob survives, not that the others do, but clearly eac


h of them, as we said before, has fundamental characteristics for the the survival of the group and the individual we control, for this reason it is our primary interest to ensure that everyone can live the best. However, this case has proven to be fundamentally impossible to conquer, and consequently any other action did not have an immediate and effective effect, both the distribution of food and

water supplies, which are immediately terminated leaving us in the worst concern. After all these problems, which in any case have been reported to the team, new to a PC product, having only spent mobile securities, we have been able to appreciate the vast landa to explore: the city we are in, it has gaps in which to fall to find out what’s left in the snow, buried by impact winter. Between cars

completely destroyed, but still with a running battery in the engine, garbage cans inside of which crunching to get paper and magazines, objects scattered on the ground ready to be used in any way possible, our collection was profitable. The inventory, much like the

iconic backpack in Resident Evil, for example, has always forced us into a game of embossing and moving so that an arc can also find space next to a battery or of the metal pipes. On our way from the church to these breasts, then we got to find other NPCs among those who asked us to dig with him to help him find the treasure he had buried until the merchant who asked us to collect certain objects to deliver it:

Impact Winter