King’s Quest: Chapter 1 – A Knight to Remember

The editor Sierra Entertainment began its golden path of tremendous graphic adventures with a strange game – for the time, 1984 – called King’s Quest .

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The designer marveled at the world and his argument, out of the best narrative of Roberta Williams , knew how to combine wonderfully with a very interesting gameplay and even with innovative touches by then. With the faith in giving back to these interactive adventures all their greatness, the studio


The Odd Gentlemen completely reinterprets the saga from scratch and brings it up to date with the current trends of the genre, such as the episodic approach of Life is Strange and the games of Telltale Games, or a three-dimensional design that flirts with 2D flat animation as an aesthetic resource. All this in a consistent reboot  that has come out quite well stopped.

These days new and old generation consoles and computers receive this King’s Quest: A Knight to Remember , the first of five episodes that kicks off what looks like a lasting new series of stories with King Graham at the head of them all , already old and


remembering those battles with his granddaughter. 9.99 euros per episode or 39.99 for the full season plus a special epilogue. It is not a bad price taking into account that, apparently in this first act, we expect more than 5 or 6 hours of adventure in each one which form a consistent compendium. And those hours with a variety of situations and mechanics as we had not lived in this type of games for a long time, or at least that inspires this initial chapter …

King & # 039; s Quest: Your Legacy Awaits (360) screenshot

This renewed King’s Quest uses the memories of the elderly Graham, somewhat subjective by the personality of the king and the passage of time, to take us across the length and breadth of Daventry living small and larger adventures, chatting with his characters to influence situations of future, or looking in the most detailed environment that particular


object that serves as the key to the puzzle and gives us access to the following. Yes, there are decision making and dialogues that will have future significance , but we have not yet been able to see how all this works, because the interesting thing is the long term and the reminiscences between episodes. At Christmas when the next one comes out we can start testing.

King & # 039; s Quest: Your Legacy Awaits (360) screenshot  King & # 039; s Quest: Your Legacy Awaits (360) screenshot

So far we see that the entire framework is more or less that of a traditional graphic adventure, with plenty of free exploration, open and with interesting licenses for the way of narrating that intervene in the gameplay and interaction, and other secrets that can surprise the less used to the genre but also to the usual for their originality. But, really,


best of all, it appears approximately in the middle of the episode, when the player realizes the variety of challenges, tasks, searches and game formats that he is managing, with final bosses, optional missions, action sequences resolved and not necessarily with


Quick Time Events … In King’s Quest gives the feeling that there is room for everything and that moving forward will not be more than surprises and surprises,

King & # 039; s Quest: Your Legacy Awaits (360) screenshot King & # 039; s Quest: Your Legacy Awaits (360) screenshot King & # 039; s Quest: Your Legacy Awaits (360) screenshot

It is true, against them, that a considerable majority of puzzles – the basic gear of any classic graphic adventure worth their salt –


imposes them quite simply. None of the puzzles of this first episode presents really complex solutions or that require extraordinary attention and astuteness. On the contrary, almost every blocked path opens with looking for that lost inventory


object that interacts with that “door”. It is very comforting to solve the approaches of the game but in no case it gets to clog. We assume that later, in future episodes other than this first, there will be some good challenges to our intellect and attention. But, at the moment, you can not say that they are present.