Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour

Oh, Sam, what good memories you have left us in your more than 15 years of existence. Even so, do not neglect yourself and keep working to continue twisting your formula of mass murder. Since the first technical demonstration in w


hich you appeared back in 2000 you have traveled time and time again, you have visited other planets, travel temples, pyramids and ziggurats, crushed millions of enemies, wielded dozens of weapons … And yet, you follow without having finished with Mental, your definitive nemesis. Despite being the work of the Croatian studio Croteam, there have been several stu


dies that have given you other forms: a role-playing game, an endless runner, a shooting gallery in virtual reality, a set of lateral development shots and … well, The Talos Principle , which has absolutely nothing what to see with you, although it is worthy of mention, because it serves to show that Croteam knows how to do other things besides brainless shooting games.


Serious Sam’s Bogus Detour , meanwhile, has been conceived in conjunction with the people of Crackshell , and curiously is between two lands. It moves away from the more showy action of the Serious Sam big boys and seeks a closer encoun


ter with the Hotline Miami , with details that broaden the experience, such as the multiplayer, the map editor or elements of role-playing games as the possibility of improving the Sam’s abilities and attributes. “One second, 3DJuegos, are you telling me that a game deve


loped by an external studio can come to encompass the best of all Serious Sam?”. Well, that’s what we’re here for, do not want quick answers and enjoy reading.



Brutal, carefree and deep action

In spite of the genre edges, this Sam manages to accept without problems the whole personality and the essence of the saga with a g

iant proposal, thunderous, overpopulated and bloody. While it is true that when moving to a pixelated aerial view the rhythm of the game changes radically. That’s where we could say that Croteam has found its third way. It is a mo
re thoughtful option than the previous Sam , but without forgetting that of massacring monsters with a collection of the most varied weapons on the market. It is less to run backwards shooting the mogollón and more to aim and dodge than ever, more to choose the right weapons … and to run backwards if things get ugly, what noses.


Serious Sam's Bogus Detour analysis

The new world that Sam has to explore is huge and very varied, even more so than those of the previous Serious Sam.

The serious one of Sam adapts perfectly to this mechanics of shot. We start each level at the southern end of the map, tranquili


tos, supplying us before the contest; like old times. And in that act of collecting life, ammunition and weapons we find classics such as guns, shotguns and cannon, and with other novelties such as the cutter, the draftor an inclusion with a nod to a certain saga of space films. It is all very obvious and familiar to anyone who comes from the res


t of the saga, regardless of whether they control it with command or with keyboard and mouse. And it works well. Then there are very nice d


etails, such as that experience is not the only currency to improve skills. We are encouraged to explore the maps by hiding stars here and there, as well as weapons, ammunition and objects that will help us to get more comfortable by maps that are vast.


Serious Sam's Bogus Detour PC

It is a more thoughtful option than the previous Sam, but without forgetting that of massacre monsters

In fact, it is advisable to walk around the map of the 10 levels to try to find sunglasses, which are the lives of Sam. In this Serious Sam Bogus Detourdeath is faced in a peculiar way: we start each game with a limited number of lives (more or less ac

cording to the difficulty we have chosen), but when we die, although we are forced to start the level from the principle, the advances are maintained.
In addition, it is possible to find more lives in the form of sunglasses hidden by the stage. Ojito, that although it is not as hard as the permanent death of the roguelike, in Bogus Detourdy
ing means having to go back miles of the map (seriously, they are huge). Another great misfortune is that the only thing that is saved is the progress made, but not the one made by collecting weapons or improving Sam. If we start a level, even if it is very advanced, we do it with the basic weapons that the game wants to give us by default.


Serious Sam's Bogus Detour

The translation of the game into Spanish is unbearably bad, although we prefer it because of the absurdity of some expressions that are invented.

As for a variety of scenarios , we find the Egyptian classic, a walk through the Mediterranean, a visit to the other side of the pond and e


ven a spree on the moon. Somehow, despite the fact that the original games were already spectacular and very varied in terms of the scenarios, in this they have thrown the house out the window and have opted for th


e fantasy that allows having a more modest engine. But the game offers much more than a solo campaign. To start, the campaign itself can be played cooperativelywith up to four players, we also have survival maps, in which we can play 12 players to try to stop the hordes of enemies among all. Besides, we have the possibility to configure lots


of sections of the game, from the technicians to the rules of the game, from the regeneration of life and friendly fire to options referring to the en


emies and their ability to make us have a bad drink. We can even activate the “roguelike” option, which basically eats the possibility of restarting the level when dying. Have we already said that you have a map editor compatible with Steam Workshop?