Review of Hello Neighbor

 Hello neighbor review

Last August, Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild announced the postponement of Hello Neighbor in December, and it was already beginning to smell stale.


Do not sleep peacefully when developers openly tell you that the game has been shaken due to the update of the graphics engine, and that the absence of any quality control system has led to the release of four months.


The benefit of the doubt, however, should be given to everyone, and after all  hello neighbor game had also deserved it, allowing players to be known through alpha, beta, and other Greek letters. In short: the developers believed in the project, we are sure of this.


And we are also certain that the basic idea of ​​the title was really original, even within a genre that now consults hundreds of variants.


The problem is that the realization leaves so much to be desired, to lead to murderous instincts towards the Near, his house and the whole city.

 Hello neighbor gameplay



It is a beautiful sunny morning, we have just moved to a pleasant suburban neighborhood, with lots of terraced houses from the best American films.


But while we kick our ball in the middle of the track, regardless of any vehicle that could invest in every moment (how beautiful is youth), we notice something strange.


From one of the houses come groans at least suspicious, as is suspected that the beefy guy who is obviously trying to silence his hostage in the living room. We can see all this because obviously the attacker has decided to do everything in plain sight in front of the window of the room, in broad daylight.


And since both the door and the other windows are all wide open … how do you say? curiosity killed the cat. And this is the plot of hello neighbor games:a madman has kidnapped someone and hides dark secrets within his home, we for no apparent reason will take care to find out what it is. 


The title is openly proposed as horror / stealth game, the problem is that anxiety, fear and tension disappear after about ten seconds, since the genus is hybridized with some completely incompatible elements.

The review of Hello Neighbor

For example, a solar and colorful context, and a caricatural style that makes the characters openly disproportionate and exaggerated. Be clear: this is not exactly a defect. Indeed, the graphic and artistic style undertaken makes  hello neighbor bob immediately recognizable in a context of titles all too often all similar.


The problem is another: if the tension comes to disappear almost immediately, the stealth mechanics remain the master and motivate the theater. What happens if even the rest of the production does not work, and does the gameplay just get sketchy?


Why let’s face it: the Hello Neighbor offer is elementary, which can not be more elementary.Equipped with first-person view and no weapon, our little boy can crouch, run small sprints, collect objects in the scenario (not all) and hide in closets or under the beds if necessary.


 The hello neighbor is a classic stealth game at Hide ‘N Seek, in short: if the Near sees us simply we give it to our legs and run to hide.

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