Book was better



Pixel Hero Games with Eisenhorn: Xenos was certainly part of the ambitious project category : to create an action game complete with all the trappings, with a plot that was inserted consistently in the dense fabric of the novels of Abnett set in the universe of Warhammer 40.000 released simultaneously on PC and mobile platforms is not what is called a child’s play, especially for a small team like the English one that could count on only one title asset ( the mediocre Spiral: Episode 1 ) in his curriculum. It will perhaps be one of those cases in which a videogame is able to overcome difficulties and prejudices by imposing itself as an excellent alternative to more noble production? Well … no.

Eisenhorn: Xenos will not go down in history as one of the best games inspired by Warhammer 40,000

Eisenhorn Xenos Walkthrough and Gameplay


The problems of Eisenhorn: Xenos game arise from a series of design choices that appear ill-calibrated when not completely wrong from their foundations. Let’s start from the narrative sector, what should be the real spearhead of Pixel Hero Games’ work thanks to a complex storyline narrated through a wide range of cutscene and with the icing on the cake of a dubbing of the protagonist created by the famous actor British Mark Strong: well, the story is full of references that only the hardcore fans of Warhammer 40.000 can be able to appreciate, while all the others are left to grope in the dark.

The book was better

Intermezzo sequences and most of the dialogues are unnecessarily long-winded and artificial, and even after the early stages of the adventure it is difficult to resist the temptation to press the key to completely skip the scenes; finally, the vocal performances of the voice actors – except for that of Strong – are just one step above the amateur, reflecting the fact that obviously all the budget has been spent to hire the actor.


A dizzying difference between ambition and results that also involves the graphic aspect, another sector in which eisenhorn xenos ios seemed to be able to make the big voice at least in the mobile field. Indeed, on the first lines the title gives off some impressive elements: the polygonal models of the main protagonists are massive and rich in details and the settings appear complex and well defined even from the point of view of the textures.


It’s a pity that it does not take long to release all the dirt that Pixel Hero Games has tried to hide under the carpet: the frame rate collapses well below an acceptable threshold as soon as the screen becomes more crowded, the assets are repeated at excess and the animations prove to be woody and badly connected to each other.


Needless to say, even the gameplay suffers more or less the same fate, in the context of an action game that would like to be many different things but that in fact fails to interpret even a single role well-defined. In its exploratory component, eisenhorn xenos review proves simply lacking in interest:

The book was better

So you are yawning between a long walk and the other, forced to listen to the thoughts of the same protagonist or boring dialogues with other characters, without actually doing anything pleasant from the playful point of view.


Sometimes it is necessary to use Eisenhorn’s psychic devices or powers to analyze some sensitive element, but it all comes down to a simple routine that does not add to the experience. The fights should add the necessary pepper to an actually insipid dish, but they are made in such a rough manner that they almost have the opposite effect.


By engaging one or more enemies, the protagonist automatically extracts his sword, and on the display five virtual keys appear on the same number of actions: you can hit with the white weapon, shoot with the gun, dodge, perform a sort of telekinetic attack or activate a special move that allows – after filling a special bar – to slow down the time and rest on unarmed opponents.