Head of Take-Two: Small game studios and companies will find it increasingly difficult to survive in the market

Head of the publishing house Take-Two Interactive Strauss Zelnik I am convinced that it will be more and more difficult for small and medium-sized game studios and companies to survive in the market and compete with large manufacturers. Ultimately, they will always be at risk of being taken over by the more serious gaming market.

Zelnik spoke about the issue of consolidation in the gaming industry during a conversation with investors after presentation of the quarterly reportexplaining the general course of development of his own company. Take-Two is not against the takeover of third-party studios, but is very selective about it.

“Over time, small companies will find it increasingly difficult to compete in this space. [в игровой индустрии]… This is true, this is indeed true, and this applies to both the mobile and console market segments – very large resources are needed for existence. The risks associated with this business are also growing. And as the history of the global entertainment industry shows, over time, those companies that are full of genuine creativity become very successful. And those who become successful are bound to get bigger. And when they get bigger, they get the tools to absorb other market participants.

As long as the focus remains on creativity, innovation and productivity, and as long as the company does not lose its original corporate culture, the road to success is never closed. This is how we see ourselves and our future, “explained Strauss Zelnik.

Grand Theft Auto V recently surpassed 150 million sales.

Recall that earlier about the global consolidation of the gaming industry commented Sean Leiden, former head of Sony’s gaming division

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