Final Fantasy XIV Pulls World of Warcraft Fans – Square Enix MMORPG Popularity Reaches New Peak on Steam

Western media have long been writing about the migration of players from World of warcraft in Final fantasy xiv… Against this background, the popularity of MMORPGs from Square enix is growing steadily. Recently the Japanese game reached a new peak in the number of concurrent players on Steam – 47,538 people… The previous record was recorded at around 41 thousand people after the release of a major expansion Shadowbringers

Peak for concurrent players on Steam in recent months:

  • April – 30,178 people
  • May – 37,347 people
  • June – 40,067 people
  • July – 47,538 people

Word of mouth and streamer activity contribute to the growing popularity of the game. So, just one last Sunday broadcast on Final Fantasy XIV from youtuber Asmongold, widely known in the World of Warcraft community, has gathered more than 200 thousand people on the screens.

In recent months, Asmongold has criticized World of Warcraft quite a bit.

However, it should be understood that Steam represents only a small part of the millionth audience of Final Fantasy XIV. The PC version has been distributed through Square Enix channels for many years, and there is also a console user base on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In April, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XIV had 22 million accounts.

Square Enix To Release Major Endwalker Expansion For Final Fantasy XIV This Fall… It will act as the final act of the central line of the narrative, which began in A realm reborn… Fans are waiting for the finale of the story of Hidaelin and the Zodiark. Warriors of Light will visit the Moon.

Final Fantasy XIV launches next updates to a completely new story and global conflict… In general, the game is planned to be supported for at least another five years.

Final Fantasy XIV Development Lead Naoki Yoshida acts as a producer Final Fantasy XVI for PlayStation 5

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