peak on Steam exceeded 100 thousand – review

We have repeatedly told how successful “The witcher»From Netflix helped increase the interest of players in projects CD Projekt RED.

Especially, of course, I got “Wild hunt“, Which 4.5 years after the release continues to set new online records for Steam users. Recently, RPG surpassed its achievement of May 2015, but did not stop there.

Yesterday in the third Witcher, more than 102 thousand people played simultaneously, which is 10 thousand more than the previous record, which was updated just the other day – December 29.
Moreover, Wild Hunt has become one of the best-selling games on Steam last week, failing to get around only Red dead redemption 2.

At the same time, the first “updated records on-line”The witcher“: Yesterday, 12,685 people played at the same time, and the previous peak was already in May 2015 – shortly before the release of the third part, when 8,337 people were in the project right away.

For some reason, the second “The witcher”While not so lucky: his maximum peak players from the premiere of the series was only 6849 people. A record number of players was also registered shortly before the release of Wild Hunt – then “Assassins of kings”12,884 people launched at the same time.