fallout 76

Fallout 76

The new Fallout is something between the survivors and the new kind of MMOs like Destiny and The Division .

This logical development of the ideas of Fallout 4, formed precisely under the desire to make a game where all people are real.

At the same time, according to the authors, it was important for them to preserve the feeling that single plays of Bethesda give.

That is, when you can not only fight with others forever, but simply walk around the world and not see anyone.

As if the game world is alive and boundless.

This is the reason for many basic things laid down in Fallout 76: there will be up to 32 people on the server, no NPCs, and a card four times larger than Fallout 4.

Dueling with other people should be rare so that you can safely explore the world, perform quests and build houses. Plus, it will add comfort to those who decide to play alone.

fallout 76

For the same reason, the game will be a prequel, and the location will be West Virginia, which is geographically still on the west coast.

But instead of familiar wastelands and large cities offers almost untouched forests.

High mountains and many other, peculiar places of the American outback.

Players will start in pleasant and cozy forest locations, and only then move on to more sombre, apocalyptic biomes (forest marshes, toxic heaths and so on).

According to the plot, the shelter 76 will be the first to open among the rest.

And we will re-conquer the planet, beating it from mutated animals, insects and plants.

Well, and the ghouls, of course.

The authors came up with almost a hundred new creatures, among them armed ghouls-raiders, intelligent grass and giant sloths.

There will be an end-to-end story, but Fallout 76 focuses not on the plot, but on research.

First of all, the authors create a place for escapism: a fascinating,fascinating and soulful world where people will go to become pioneers, gather resources and, possibly, meet another stalker.

Forgive me, the survivor. He will even be able to sell food and items that you yourself have copied.

fallout 76

West Virginia is a peculiar, with a special mythology state, and somehow it is used both in quests and in the design of locations.

“I play the game, and I come to this lighthouse in the middle of anything,” says one of the developers.

“And I’m like that: what the hell does a lighthouse do in the middle of anything?”

And to me: this is the real thing. This is West Virginia. “

We will meet empty huts, fire towers, flooded mines, pathos golf courses, abandoned provincial houses, a fallen space station and a real presidential bunker of the Cold War era with nuclear weapons.

The survivors of the endgame, that is, those who have passed through special quests, who have received special armor and decided special puzzles, will be able to bomb a missile card.

Such launches will change biomes and give new resources.

fallout 76

There will be a rich, simple, intuitive and easy-to-use construction system.

Lots of crafting and different “hardcore” chips (let Todd and joke that he likes to call Fallout 76 softcore).

Have to eat and drink. The items will break, food rot, and from time to time radioactive storms will come.

The role-playing system is new and entertaining.

Characters will get controversial mutations, in some way profitable, and in something not very.

Some will change the appearance. Upon reaching the levels will offer perks, and from them you will have to form decks.

There will be a lot of animations for communication and a photo-mode.

fallout 76

Microtransactions are also planned, but, as stated, do not affect the gameplay.

Apparently, we mean hats.

The updates are planned to be small and very large, so it can be assumed that over time new zones on the map will be added.

Perhaps there will be a special mode of timmatch 12 for 12, but not immediately.

And of course, the plans can – and will – vary depending on the feedback.

Now the Fallout 76 looks promising.

As if this year, many will finally get Fallout 4, which they waited.

Instead of the controversial experiment that came out three years ago.