The Division

That shows us very clearly that the expectation that has surrounded the videogame of the gala company has been disproportionate since it was announced some time ago in an already indelible E3 in which it showed all its graphic and playable power. Since th


en many things have happened, some delays, several betas of the most populous and, of course, the inexhaustible criticism for a decline in graphic quality with respect to what was initially shown that seem little less than non-negotiable for any famous video


game of the last times


But, and what we have in hand? The Division is an open-world RPG shooter with special emphasis on the online side and with an addictive system of progression and booty, which makes us stick to the screen for hours almost without us noticing.


These are the main props of a prop


osal signed by Ubisoft Massive , creators of past strategy titles as important as World in Conflict or Ground Control, a studio that after carving out a name with gold letters in the genre of real-time strategy he dares now with something as different as a thi


rd person action title like the one we are dealing with. And, you know what? That the experiment has gone really well.



The Enemy in your Own House

A biological attack That is the cause of everything that we are going to suffer in The Division. Going into the details of why it happens would be somewhat absurd, not only because Ubisoft has already given many strokes of it through the promotional phase of th

e game, but also because everything is presented in the first few minutes with some very interesting and explanatory videos . The fact is that the ci
ty of New Yorkit has been isolated and little less than desert, with only a handful of survivors trying to survive as they can in this terrible environment. Some of those who swarm through its street
s do so harmlessly, preying on what they can in supermarkets or even on the bodies … Others are much more dangerous and are framed in different paramilitary organizations that we must fight to recover little by little the control over the city. In the v
ideo game we are not a superhero, and the videos and even the general feeling are responsible for reminding us with much success repeatedly, so we are only one member of this division that deals with helping.


The Division analysis

The setting of the title is fantastic, it costs very much not to feel inside the New York of The Division.

And how we do it? Well, as you intuit the first thing is to fulfill missions that, almost always, have to do with a repair of some part of the scene that does not work, with the rescue of some important member of the civilians that can help us recover norma


lity or, simply, with the cleaning of some position occupied by the dangerous bands that roam the Big Apple at their ease. All this is very good, and


with the changes that we are observing around us and seeing that the city is gradually recovering its pulse with what we do, we already have a huge reward that will certainly satisfy those who get into the stories of video games. However, there is ano


ther more tangible aspect for the less altruistic, and this is the fact that all this translates intoimprovements for ourselves. Much of what we c


an do in the universe of The Division is divided into the disciplines of medicine, technology and security and, depending on which of them we lean, we will have some improvements or other.


The Division PC

The Division PC

There is a great effort to immerse ourselves in the narrative, there is nothing too memorable in the story but the cinematics are very striking.

Later we will delve into all of this, however we can already tell you that it is one of the main reasons to stay glued to the screen during the time


that The Division lasts installed on our PC or video game console … Time that will be broad, of course. That also contributes to the fact that the title brings many contents , and although not all are on the same level of inter


est as is logical in such a vast production, the truth is that the whole works like a good fuel so that we dedicate many hours. The main missions and everything that the work offers are released from the beginning so that we can


choose the order of our progress as we wish, but we are logically constrained by the levels of experiencerecommended


for each zone. When we step on a new neighborhood we immediately receive a notification of the hairpin recommended for that area


, and that means that we can venture whenever space is overlooked, because if we abuse the enemies directly, they will wear a slightly subtle skull over their heads. mark that they will be able to erase us from the map with a single shot.


It is easy to enter, but it is very difficult to leave this virtual New York

You have to remember that this is a shooter-RPG , which means that it is not governed by the standard patterns of the action. What does this mean? That a shot at the head of an enemy does not mean that it falls instantly struck as in a normal game of sho

ts, but simply that there we maximize the damagewe can cause. That is something that has attracted the attention of many people who did not know the purpose of the title and that must be explained to make it crystal clear. Thi
s means that it is more important to carry out tacticsthat in other launches of this profile, and is that what in other proposals is ditched with a rapid shooting here whenever we are at lower level requires a strategic reading on our part. In this field it helps tha
t it is a game with coverage and that these are so well carried out. It is very easy both to crouch behind a parapet and to pass from one to the other thanks to the extraordinary system devised by Ubisoft Massive and that works really well with everything we expect, possibility of firing aiming, of doing it blindly, of going from a parapet to another with an automated action …


The Division

The Division PC

Spectacularity, tactical component and RPG elements. The shootings work very, very well, becoming a fundamental part.

The fact is that, thanks to these ingredients combined with the precision of the controls and the extraordinary response of the weapons, they make the shootings a real joy. There are many elements that make it become involved in an action sequen


ce of The Division in a real wonder, and there is little or nothing to reproach the action itself. It is spectacular from the visual point of view, it is very clear from the playable thanks to its powerful portrait of the different weapons that mak

e up the arsenal and, likewise, it is full of alternatives thanks not only to its own mechanics but also to the very good design of the scenarios. There are s


ome problematic things, of course, and the main one is their artificial intelligencethat sometimes suffers some problems. At times it is something “asleep” and it is easy to flank and destroy it from a position of advantage, however for every situation that ha


ppens there are many more in which it behaves with accuracy and efficiency and makes things very difficult for us. , especially when they are special units such as gold, for example, which in addition to their resistance join shields and special armor.