Pendulum Studios prince back to life one of their media franchise. After 4 years after the first part of John Yestedey again sent to unravel the occult conspiracies, and look for answers to many questions about his own nature and origin.

As usual, our hero to help some old friends, he also acquires a couple of new allies … But a couple of new enemies. What was John ugotovleno Yestedey, and most importantly – you? Let’s investigate.

Gameplay and mechanics in principle remained the same. Before starting you will immediately warn: in ‘Yesterday Origins’ to play better on the controller.

So it is: the mouse control does not cause much difficulty, but it seems very strange to scroll the inventory can only hold down the left mouse button, the same applies to the study of objects. puzzles decision comes on the standard for point’n’click adventure circuit: find desired area ready to use or combine object / information and voila!

By the way, the algorithm operations with inventory has its own formula, you must first select the object of action, and then what you are going to use it. Thoroughness in detail, on the brink of curious and inappropriate.

In addition to the manipulation of the environment, in the game there are more and dialogues. Nothing extraordinary; first conversation gave illusory hope that the answers themselves or the order will affect the course of events, but alas.

Sometimes you have to resort to a detailed study of the potential of your buddy to get a new conversational thread or missing information for the investigation progresses.

As for the puzzles themselves, there Pendulum Studios keeps the brand: can say with confidence that in the questions at Yesterday Origins I stayed longer than in the rest of the new games of this genre. However, they have one big enough vulnerability: they are subject to a certain logic.

In Yesterday Origins can be played in two ways: trying everything, or else guessing that’s the most fundamental code (because your own perfectly lined up a chain of reasoning are not always applicable).

Unfortunately, if you go the second way, you are likely to lose all interest in the game; but you will surely get pleasure from unusual as it seems from the outside solutions.

In addition, at this time, “non-principal” Pauline made playable character, beloved John.

Paulina – a hacker, and seemingly too many puzzles you can come up with for the contingent of heads when it comes to the fore and its ability to handle the equipment. Presented? But Pendulum Studios, apparently not.

Visually the game looks neat, interesting, but too “cute” for the mystical thriller. However, maybe it’s good – the developers decided not to change the style of the brand (the opposite would have caused at least bewilderment) and change, perhaps, only the interface.

For this they thank you: no longer have to puzzle over, which could mean an asterisk in the control panel; there are no more metainstruktsy. There are, however, a couple of moments of cutting the eye.

In general (except for rollers) gaming environment is given a general plan which is periodically replaced detailed (at conversation or study area).

Such constant strain jumps a lot and interrupt the visual perception of the narrative, but get used to them over time. In addition, when zoomed to a particular object you like “throw” of the primary environment, and you just can not interact with it.

As for the second point, it refers to the rollers sometimes animation eerily resembles clumsy movements puppet show “Dolls” (hello, NTV and dashing 90th) – and somehow upset, considering how much attention is paid to developers of the same combining mechanics.